Friday, January 06, 2012

The Friday Flow

Wow, the first week of 2012 is rocking and rolling, getting this new year in gear to take COP 24/7 upward and onward. With two computers burning, producing this forum in its present form requires some man hours but its the "messaging" that we offer daily that I hope will eventually make a difference. What COP 24/7 needs is your ongoing support either through following us, subscribing, and of course sharing our link with your social networks and contacts. The more "clicks" and eyeballs that check us out the better. To assist this platform, I've added some Google Adworks, which offer an interesting mix of "ads" that are also relevent to the content. If you find one of these appealing then by all means click thru to the product. Once we reach a certain threshold this will began a revenue stream for our efforts. Hopefully we would like to add some banner ads and other mechcanism that will not only "infotain" our readers but also provide revenue. The video affiliate box Gay Universe links to another site which offers an array of DVD's and videos that could be enjoyed by those who embrace such material. I've seen a few from the site and believe that for the price point, you could have some great "safe sex" with yourself or your one and only. Please chcek it out often as they have many changing titles and clearance sales. Any of your purchases will give COP 24/7 a small kickback. COP 24/7 isn't all about the small talk but there's some business to be done as well. If you are not following us, subscribing or bookmarked, then what are you waiting for? Be apart of Arkansas' only daily LGBTQ blog that's in search of "what's really going on!"

The Protesting Occupiers Gets a High Five

Time magazine named "The Protester" as the person of year for 2011 and now in 2012 the word, "Occupy" has been hailed as the latest buzz word. This forum is not suprised since last year should have perhaps been call the "Arab Spring Year" with all the civil unrest and drumbeats of change that has reached a pitch fever. In this country, the Occupy Movement has taken a beating and certainly a tounge lashing from those who misunderstood or made no attempt to understand the basic message of the group. It's a modern day "network" outcry as the "one-percent" as we've come to know it are "mad as hell and not wanting to take it anymore!" Curiously here in Little Rock, occupiers have stayed sequestered next to I-40 basically "out of sight and out of mind." In all honestly, if they packed up and went home, who would really notice. However, the issue that the current socio dynamics that allows on a few to control the bulk of the wealth is still business as ususal. Investigations continue on all the misdeeds that took place but still there has been no prosecutions or indictments to call these bastards in to account for the millions of dollars whisked away to coffers unknown. A pal of COP 24/7 sent us a link to a video that pounces on the OWS mess but with a catchy hook and snappy music. I had never heard of this group, Penguin Prison, but nowadays there are many groups that are not on my personal radar. The song is aptly entitled, "Don't Fuck with My Money," and most likely we all have our own adjective to add to the title.


COP 24/7 Under Construction

Yes we hear you and COP 24/7 is going under construction to tweak and tinker with our layout and other gadgets on this site. Of course we will not please all of the people any of time, but I will do what I can to make some adjustments for a better online experience. The Blogger platform offers a wide arrange of tools and templates to consider. I have sent out a call for geeks and tech heads who may be interested in offering their expertise or just plain old ideas to make COP 24/7 a better place. I will be seeking some technical assistance from some of my national contacts who are smart, savvy and oh so  "on point" with all things techno. As I gather the intel and decide on a course of action, you will eventually see a better, bolder and brasher blog that will continue to bring you more of what we hope you are looking for! Stay Tuned....

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