Monday, January 30, 2012

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Germ Free via Handwashing

If you would like to participate in The Global Handwashing Day survey, its due on Tuesday, January 31. They will be reviewing all of the feedback and produce a short report on Global Handwashing Day 2011. That feedback will also be used in planning for this year's celebrations. The link to the survey is below. You can find further links to the Spanish and French versions on the survey through the below link.

If you haven't thought it about it and take it from me you should, basic hand washing is the best remedy to many ailments and infections. Its no secret that much of our environment is germ infested and its vital that each person wash their hands as often as possible. Yes its really true that a good old "soap and water" treatment goes a long way. Personal hygiene plays an important factor on numerous fronts from food safety to disease. It is for this reason that I'm always curious about local food trucks and the ability of those entrepreneurs to do some good hand washing while servicing the public. Food borne diseases can be accelerated or enhanced due to the lack of folks not adequately washing their hands. Believe it or not, COP 24/7 has shared thoughts with the City concerning policies and procedures for these outlets. They responded that some one would look into the matter with a quaint "thank you, the city." I take the position that being an empowered consumer is key across all spectrum's whether its financial instruments or what one is putting in their mouth!

In addition, they will be offering free Global Hand washing Day and hand washing behavior change hard copy materials on a first come, first served basis. Below is a list of the hard copy materials available. If you would like to receive these materials, please send them:

1. Your name

2. Organization and how the materials will be used

3. Mailing Address

4. Which materials you would like and how many copies of each you need

We will try our best to accommodate your request depending on total level of demand.

Materials available

- Handwashing Handbook (English, Spanish, French, and Swahili): This document contains great guidance and tools for creating and managing a handwashing behavior change program
- Global Handwashing Day Planner's Guide (English) ( )
- GHD Monitoring Guide (English) ( )
- 100 School Survey (English) ( )
- Project WET student workbooks and posters (English-Sub-Saharan African target audience): (limited supply)
The final take away is nothing more than "wash those hands every chance you get, because its worth it."

AIDS 2012 Plenary Speakers Announced

Gregorio Millett
Gregorio MillettToday’s announcement Exit Disclaimer (PDF 215KB) of plenary speakers is a clear indication of how AIDS 2012 is shaping up to be one of the strongest International AIDS Conferences yet, with 15 world-renowned experts tapped to speak on a range of key issues related to the global and U.S. response to AIDS. Under the plenary theme of Ending the Epidemic: Turning the Tide, Monday’s panel will feature a presentation by NIAID Director Dr. Anthony S. Fauci entitled, “Ending the HIV Epidemic: From Scientific Advances to Public Health Implementation.” On the same panel, Black AIDS Institute Executive Director and Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS member Phill Wilson Exit Disclaimer will deliver remarks entitled, “The U.S. Epidemic”, and Dr. Sheila Tlou Exit Disclaimer, Director of UNAIDS’ Regional Support Team for East and Southern Africa will speak to “Turning the Tide in Affected Countries: Leadership, Accountability and Targets.”
Complete details regarding all 15 plenary speakers and daily conference themes is available on the conference website at Exit Disclaimer. Please visit their site for more information about what to expect at this biennial event that is expected to bring over 25,000 participants to Washington, DC from July 22-27th. Stay tuned to this blog for additional details about the USG’s role in AIDS 2012.

The Name Game
A new LGBTQ health magazine is being developed and produced by LA Corp highlighting health dilemmas and issues beyond HIV and AIDS. Funded through a Healthy People 2020 Community Innovations Project grant, the scope of the project will include collaborating with physicians, clinicians, non traditional advocates and other stakeholders on policies as well as social determinants that impact sexual minorities. The organization is launching a naming contest to discover a title for the new venture which is open statewide. All submissions must be original and will be used in the advertisement of the project which include both billboards and Facebook ads. A prize of $100 will be awarded to the winning submission. Deadline is March 1, 2012 Forward your entries marked "The Name Game" to

COP 24/7 Seeks Geeks

This forum is seeking to engage some tech heads or computer geeks who would like to share some of their expertise to take this platform to new heights. We are always in search of volunteers who have some spare time to investigate the latest gadgets, gizmos or breaking new technology that will keep COP 24/7 on the cutting the edge of offering our unique visitiors as interactive experience. So, if you know anyone who may interested or can offer some leads, then share it with us here. Come share your knowledge base as we continue to provide a community service to our ever changing world!

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