Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Horizons in Lavender

Goodness, the new year just rolled through the door and it's already rushing it's engines, ready to take COP 24/7 where ever there's news, updates, opinions or spotlighting what's really going on in the city and state. I cleared the e-box as much as possible and no sooner than I could say "delete" the box was filling up again. Oh well, it's the nature of the beast and riding that beast on a daily basis has had its challenges. It's not like a cowboy, when you know when to get off. In the meantime and between time, this forum is plotting it course of action and reaction to not only the local madness but how could we leave out the national mash up's that truly affect us all. Alright, it's COP 24/7 back in the saddle and ready to ride all over 2012.

People of Unity takes Flight

The emerging group, People of Unity is stepping off by biting off a benefit evening, January 8, 7pm at Miss Kitty's Saloon for local song writer and singer Amber Edge. A $5.00 donation is suggested.  Ms. Edge ( and yes, that's really her name) is preparing to answer the call of auditioning for America's Got Talent in Austin Texas later this month. According to show organizers, James P and Shon D, Edge will be featured in several "spotlight" sets during the evening. Plus other local talent such as KABF's on air comic Pam P. have expressed an interest in joining the bill to support Edge in her bid to make the cut on the show. "We are so excited about this effort," said James. "We hope that everyone will come out and support one our own who might be selected to represent this area." Edge has been working on original material as well as cover songs to present during the evening. She has performed locally at numerous venues including entertaining participants at last October's National Association of Black and White Men Together Midland Regional held in Little Rock. Shon stated, " we are very proud to be helping Amber as we began putting together other programming to support People of Unity."  The group has decided to become an affiliate of NABWMT who's mission is to address racism, sexism, homophobia and HIV and AIDS personally and throughout the community. During the evening the group plans to offer Founder's Memberships for $10.00 which will also include an invite to a "member's only party" slated for mid- March. Other activities are being planned and organizers are seeking sponsorship, in-kind donations and supporters to assist with full filling their efforts to be apart of the change that the want to see. Interested? Check out their Facebook page for more info!

Night Moves in the City

This forum posted concerning the December attempted robbery and murder  that took place at the Triniti/Discovery Complex. To date their have been no apprehensions, despite a $10,000 bounty that had been offered up for any information concerning the deed. The only break in the case has been the discovery of the get away vehicle that may yet yield some evidence that will lead to the arrest of those involved. However, this forum has not seen nor heard that their will be any official statement from management on the incident. COP 24/7 has to assume that the ten grand involved is being offered by the business as means of showing support, yet otherwise the "cat has the house's tongue" on anything else. From what this forum can tell, there's been an internal "lock down" on any information concerning operations, those supposedly security layoffs or even the incident it self. Certainly COP 24/7 believes that a full investigation is necessary to get to heart of this terrible loss of life. Meanwhile as we speculate as to the motives of this random crime we can't help but ponder that this type of element didn't always find it way to our lavender doors in the old days. Obviously times they are a changing.  As news develops, we will do what it takes to break it here first. Stay tuned....because if anyone will hear about...this forum will!

The Opinion Steps Forward

Another info, culture, politic and opinionated medium has been birthed on the scene and this forum welcomes all who want to walk the path with us. The Opinion debut in December 2011 featuring a interesting mix of contributors who are charged with offering their "opinions" on everything from the kettlebell body movement to Kim Kardashin and the state of our Economy." Say What?  I often wish that all of the Kardashian's would be abducted by some alien life form and whisked away from my sight for forever. O.K.I digressed a bit. Anyway, what's even more eye catching is the fact that the paper is being helmed by none other than Michael Henderson of former Easy Street and defunct Speakeasy fame. Really?  Wow, talk about a holy intervention or reinvention or whatever!  The fact is that Henderson has returned to the scene with a merry band of writers and advertisers to boot is something in itself. Did any of these advertisers want to know what type of "opinions" would be printed or better yet from whom they would flow?  Didn't Presidential Candidate hopeful Ron Paul have to do some explaining about newletters with his name attached and such? Just Sayin.... Now as for those columnist who will be sharing their take on such topics as "Inside the Tea Party," and even those child birthin Duggars is something to truly watch and behold. Especially one such entry which was suppose to be written by a "registered democrat" but after reading this entry I wasn't sure what to make of it. After all, the writer V. Emmons muses on about the "universal fund" to which she rants that its not a "fund" but rather a tax. Then she goes left or is that right with her take on those welfare benefactors who are obtaining "free" cell phones. She cites that "she has gotten many a job" without a cell phone. She prefers that folks still keep using "message numbers," because she doesn't know of any employers who are "texting" for interviews especially since these phones are equipped with free text minutes. Just so you know, she throws her son in the mix with his take on the world that folks with EBT cards who buy their groceries in that manner shouldn't be able to rent movies or games at the nearest Red Box. Do you get the picture? All I can say you have to read this little exercise in First Amendment expression to believe it. I'm not sure of the actual circulation, except that I found it at a local West Little Rock restaurant quite by mistake. But I'm oh so glad that I did.  It seems that this entity also has become formalized as Kaleidoscope Media, LLC plus a web presence at www.theopinionlr.com  The website will give you a flavor of the whole enterprise and actually the web page is well produced. I don't know if any of COP 24/7 will make the cut with these folks but if they really need some opinions, you know that we've got a shit load of em.....Good Luck, The Opinion, we'll be watching...

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