Wednesday, October 31, 2012

COP 24/7 peeks into the Darkness

Happy Halloween and more from COP 24/7

Are we scared yet? Frankenstorm Sandy has rolled through, its all quiet and surely there's something more lurking on the horizon. Oh that's just the presidential election come next Tuesday which really should scare you in to polls if nothing else.In the mean time, here's some more diversion and mayhem in the guise of "The Strange Thing about the Johnson's" that has made the rounds a while back and needed to be apart of the COP 24/7 legacy as we rapidly approach posted item 1000. When I first saw it, it truly caught me off guard and most likely if you haven't seen it, so will you. However, lets not forget that fiction sometimes may not be to far from reality these days. You just never know what' going on next door and certainly not down the street. As we keep kicking it to 1000,  I can't even imagine that we've stayed the course for over six years and counting. But through it all we've kept bringing it over and over again. Thanks for your continued support and stay locked and loaded to this forum for the latest in what's really going on! If you are not bookmarked, RSS feed, following us or checking in regularly, then be warned that you should. You never know who we are talking about...and it could be you!

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