Wednesday, October 17, 2012

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Wingnuts over Arkansas

Just when I thought I had heard it all from the many faces of the Romney/ Ryan troupe during this "rock em-sock em" election cycle, then comes more insipid and downright atrociousness from GOP stalwarts such as Jon Hubbard who, in his self-published book Letters to the Editor: Confessions of a Frustrated Conservative, made the claim that slavery was a "blessing in disguise" for African Americans (along with saying black kids are lazy and lack discipline for good measure). Not to be outdone, Charlie Fuqua, who hopes to join Hubbard in the state House (where he'd previous served a term from 1996-98), declared in his book God's Law that "I see no solution to the Muslim problem short of expelling all followers of the religion from the United States." If that wasn't enough another shoe dropped with  Rep. Loy Mauch (R-Bismarck) writing a series of letters to the editor defending slavery  editor defending slavery . Cue "Dixie" to start playing at this point after pushing the "we're crazy" button.

Although I had prepared a earlier post about this hot mess, my schedule zipped and twisted causing me to miss the timeliness of this over the top rhetoric. Therefore as election day rapidly approaches there's a few questions one needs to ask your self. Is anybody wondering are these two serious? Are their folks out there who really reads this stuff? If these two jokers have this type of thinking, then exactly what type of laws are more apt to support. And last but not least, Is this what conservatives mean when they talk about taking their country back?  Well it appears that the state GOP got spooked ( no pun intended) and started pulling all the money support as if that was going to simply solve the problem as they seem to always believe that if we just yank those dollars all of this will just go away. Meanwhile Gov. Bebee could only muster a how "sad" response to this fringe lunatic approach to thinking and all the other talking heads had a field day with Arkansas really looking like a "Banana Republic" after all. The Arkansas Republican House Caucus followed, saying the views of Hubbard and Fuqua "are in no way reflective of, or endorsed by, the Republican caucus. The constituencies they are seeking to represent will ultimately judge these statements at the ballot box. Isn't that a nice sound bite to side step being associated with this mindset. Ultimately this whole matter should result in a  "hello, is anybody out their in cyberland not getting a clue as to exactly what these folks are up to and what base they are playing too?" If you didn't get registered to vote, then shame on you. If you are registered, then go at least go vote like you life may depend on it. Don't forget we've got lot's of revisionist history buffs up in them hills.

Debate O Rama: Are We Their Yet?

As a somewhat political junkie, I actually enjoy being among the few who really wants drill down and understand exactly what our politicians are talking about. Yes, it gets a bit confusing when they start getting all technical and shit. You know terms like "sequestration" and all those government office acronyms that most folks go WTF? How often do you use "DOD" (Department of Defense), HHS ( Health and Human Services) or the OMB ( Office of Management and Budget) in your everyday conversation. Of course not, and if you've been watching any of the debates, then most likely you've heard much of this as you've tried to figure out who's actually winning this thing because there's only so much of what they are debating that the voting public understands or reports that they understand. In my unscientific look around, I've been amazed that most of the electorate is extremely clueless on exactly how the president is elected. Take for instance when I recently asked an individual that he know that a candidate can actually win the "popular vote" but loose to the electoral college, they went "huh?" Therefore this lack of knowledge of how our political system works often leads individuals to totally misunderstand our political process or wrap their minds around the concept of our " democratic republic" which means we embodying democratic principles but no monarch better known as a "king." Even more troubling is the fact that many seemed to think that President Obama could whatever was necessary because he was the chief executive, however under our brand of government he is only one branch of that government which governs the land. If his Capitol Hill counterparts are in an obstructionist mindset, then its damn near impossible to get much done. As far as I'm concern, vote for whom you like, but take a strong, hard look at what took place during those eight years of the Bush Administration. Did we forget those folks on Wall Street who sizzled and dazzled the system and parachuted out with Millions? How could anyone forget that massive mortgage debacle with "liar loans" and homes for everyone even if they couldn't afford one. Yes President Bush promoted home ownership which was admirable but not to extent that the industry created such creatures as Countrywide that wrecked that sector of the economy with fraud and theft. Have we forgot the steady beat of the war drum with entities such as Halliburton ( ) raking in profits amidst swirling accusations of bribes, cronyism and all manner of corruption. While we prepare for final debate, take the time to go back and review just what happened to the country and then imagine if we really need more of that or a forward movement toward dealing with our crazy tax code, entitlement reform, immigration overall, government loopholes that allow those more fortunate to continue to enrich themselves. Debate on candidates, but you folks voting need to read the record for yourselves. Don't  forget that early voting starts October 22. For more info click it to:

Local CBO's Seeks Applicants

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