Monday, October 08, 2012

Slingshot Monday

Community Unity Picnic Falling into place

The Fall Unity Community Picnic is coming together this Saturday, Murray Park, 12 noon, Pavilions 7 & 8 and all the community is invited to turn out and unite in fun, food and games. The event is being spearheaded by the Center for Artistic Revolution and supporters in an effort to offer alternative choices for community members to meet and greet. There will be vendors, community based organizations and allies whom want to share their service information and expertise with those whom may be seeking them or need further awareness. This forum also supported a similar event back in 2009 and has continued to encourage dialog and open sources of communications including last year's Identity Arkansas forum held during the Midland Regional of the National Association of Black and White Men Together in Little Rock.  For more info contact: 501.244.9690 ChecADHk it out, you just might meet someone new or learn something to make life get better! Its a family affair to be remembered!

Black AIDS Newsletter Touts Arkansas Tour

In case you didn't know and one would certainly hope that you did hear something about it, The Black AIDS Institute and Arkansas's Department of Health did their yearly testing tour back in September. This forum has covered this venture previously but has always somewhat waxed on why ADH doesn't "toot" its own horn about this effort. BAI (Black AIDS Institute) has no problem with spotlighting their efforts in Arkansas while showcasing their other national efforts with big shot callers and A-List celebs that don't seem to ever make it our way during their "tour."

The item does cite Program Manager C. Hampton as a pivotal organizer of the event while offering a recap of the three testing sites in Conway, West Memphis and Dermott in the state. As quoted in the piece, “The collaborative efforts of the Arkansas Department of Health, the Black AIDS Institute, and community based organizations in Arkansas who are dedicated to preventing the spread of HIV, led to 454 Arkansans being tested,” HIV/Hepatitis C Prevention Program Manager for the State of Arkansas, Courtney A. Hampton said.

Major partners included Alere, ArCARE, Jefferson Comprehensive Care Systems Incorporated (JCCSI), Better Community Development (BCD), Greater Delta Alliance for Health (GDAH), and Arkansas CAN.  Congrats to BAI for putting it out their to shore up their firm and a come on ADH and toot that horn a little louder so folks in the state know that you are in the game as well. Let's hear from you more! But there's some breaking news that we are still sorting out that you've just got to stay tuned for...its coming later this week.

National Latino AIDS Awareness Day: October 15, 2012

Latino communities, with assistance from federal, state and local public health agencies, have increased efforts to address the effects of the epidemic. Initiated in 2003 by the Latino Commission on AIDS and the Hispanic Federation in partnership with faith and community organizations, NLAAD raises awareness of issues concerning HIV/AIDS within the Latino population living in the United States and abroad.

This year's theme—Latinos Unite! Let's Stay Healthy! Get Tested for HIV!—speaks to the critical role Latino community members play in supporting HIV testing and prevention education, which saves lives. We can promote healthy communities by facilitating partnerships; hosting community events that encourage people to seek HIV testing, counseling, and treatment; and by developing and disseminating prevention strategies that are culturally competent and accessible.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that all adolescents and adults be tested for HIV as a routine part of medical care – regardless of perceived risk. Yet more than a half of Latinos have never been tested. It's critical to know your HIV status so you can take steps to protect yourself and sexual partner(s).

What Latino Communities Can Do

Graphic: Latinos Unite! Let's stay healthy! Get tested for HIV. October 15th, 2011

Individuals can

  • Get tested to find out if they are HIV positive.
  • Seek early medical care if they have HIV to protect their own and their partners' health.
  • Protect themselves and others from HIV through safer sex practices, not using or injecting drugs, and not sharing needles if they inject drugs.
  • Educate themselves and others about HIV.
  • Get involved in their communities to help prevent HIV or provide services to those in need.

Organizations are encouraged to

  • Promote NLAAD within their organizations and their broader community. Organizations and agencies are getting involvedExternal Web Site Icon in support of NLAAD across the nation. HIV awareness and testing events will provide thousands of Hispanics/Latinos with the important information they need to protect their health, their loved ones, and to get involved.
  • Encourage employees to get involved in NLAAD activities.
  • Educate staff about HIV/AIDS.
  • Develop HIV/AIDS policies for the workplaceExternal Web Site Icon.

Contact The Arkansas Department of Health for more info at:  Navigate to the HIV/STD/HEP C section where there is both spanish and english information provided by the Texas State Department of Health.


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