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Renegades for a Cause
Living Affected Partners Up

Local community based organization, The Living and Affected Corporation has partnered with Renegades for a Cause for a evening of fundraising and awareness, October 27, Miss Kitty's, 307 West 7th Street, show time 11 pm.
A five dollar donation will benefit the organization in its mission to continue to share HIV/AIDS prevention information and provide "free" testing services. The line up will feature notable locals, former Miss Gay Arkansas, Stephanie Richards, former DSRA Royalty Dusty West, Former Miss Red Ribbon, Cherity, Dyaln Duggar, Liberty Galore, Sasha Iman, Justin Case and former Miss DSRA and Miss North Little Rock Emeritus, Cassaundra Manchester. LA Corp is supported by Manchester whom believes that the mission of the group is vital as the public health concern of HIV/AIDS needs to be reinforced and reignited. Statistics reported by cite the state with 2,094 individuals living AIDS, of this number 1,118 (White) and 853 (Black), 93 (Hispanic/Latino). Other data cites a 48% increase within the Black MSM community and over 4,000 individuals who are not linked to any care continuum in the state. COP 24/7 urges indiviudals to come show your support at the show or by forwarding your charitable dollars, in-kind donations, cash contributions to: For more info or volunteer opportunities call 379.8203

Mabin Elected ARCPG Co-Chair

Cornelius Mabin, former board member for The National Association of Black and White Men Together, Inc. has been elected as Co-Chair of the Arkansas Community Planning Group better known as "ARCPG" which is designated as an ongoing entity charged with charting a comprehensive plan in regards to HIV/AIDS Prevention in Arkansas. Mabin is the first openly gay black male to serve in the post and will serve in conjunction with Ms. Courtney Hampton, Program Manager for the Arkansas Department of Health.

The Center for Disease Control encourages the use of collaborative efforts utilizing interested individuals and organizations within the jurisdiction to offer insights and observations as to what the state's plan should consist of and how its implemented with the community. After overcoming various challenges and road blocks, Mabin worked with current members of ARCPG, in formulating a comprehensive plan in regards to how federal funds will be expended in the implementing HIV/ AIDS interventions throughout the state. Under the leadership of The Living Affected's CEO, Diedra Levi, the plans framework was pushed through to fruition utilizing a series of meeting ranging from scheduled in-person meetings to using high tech media connections in an attempt to open the process to as many who wanted to participate prior to the September deadline. After the plan was submitted to ADH, it was further reviewed and expanded into a jurisdictional plan which will be submitted to the Center for Disease Control as the blueprint for Arkansas.

"I believe that this plan including its letter of concurrence should be leveraged within a coordinated and strategic advocacy campaign to educate legislative policy makers as to the plight of "HIV/AIDS 2012" in the state of Arkansas," said Mabin. "Although I didn't know that I would be elected, I am humbled to have been chosen to continue working with this compelling information which demonstrates the impact infection rates in our city and state. It should not be simply submitted to the CDC as a "year end tool" to meet a deliverable but rather it should be the definitive package to lobby our body politic on why Arkansas needs to develop a $1.5 Million line item for HIV/AIDS prevention within the state budget." he concluded. Currently Arkansas does not offer state dollars in its budget for any HIV/AIDS prevention.

As ARCPG completed it work on the comprehensive plan, other local organizations are working on plans to follow through on "Opt-Out" testing legislative piece, plus vital work is also needed on defining a strategy of how to get over 4,000 state citizens into a care continuum . Furthermore it is imperative that the tenants of the comprehensive plan become energized juxtaposed to President Obama's National HIV AIDS Strategy and further illuminated by The Living Affected's HEFTE concept that "it takes a village of providers to be in the game to end HIV and AIDS in Arkansas. Mabin has cited that the issues of "stigma, racism, and homophobia continues in 2012 to stand at the intersections of HIV and AIDS. I am proof positive that each of these continue to play a significant role in those either seeking services or those who have decided not to retain a care plan."

In lieu of governmental budget adjustments that will force the local agencies HIV/ STD/ HEP C Section trim its internal systems, Mabin pointed to the fact that the recent HELP Fair produced as a Gay Men's Awareness Day HIV testing event by his colleagues at The Living Affected Corporation was another unique opportunity to demonstrate how social service partnerships, non-governmental organizations and other community based organizations must also embrace the comprehensive plan. As individual agents involved with dealing with those clients whom pass through their services the event brought together local agencies under to one roof to provide a one stop village of providers for participants to access. Over 100 people were screened for HIV and AIDS while accessing a myriad of social services including Arkansas Department of Workforce, insurance firms State Health-care Services and AFLAC as well as admissions information from Philander Smith College. Of the 200 attending the event, 96 received a bag free groceries and were served a complimentary lunch on the grounds of the church.

Also in this mix is the continuing questions of the Arkansas Department of Health's HIV/STD/ Hep C section's ability in determining if our tracking processes are upgraded and cross checked considering bordering states such as Tennessee, Mississippi and Louisiana are being designated as areas facing undue infection burdens while Arkansas's numbers appear to be fluid. "I believe that while I'm serving in this capacity I will continue to seek answers on our tracking and other epi data being compiled. Even though much of this is now under review, its imperative that if there are discrepancies, that these be solved and processes be refined in data capturing allowing this state not being left out of other funding opportunities to deal with this public health crisis."

Despite a rigorous attempt to meet deadlines, the plan still lacked details on the impact of the affordable care act and how the social determinants known as the "HEFTE" concept will be included in the care delivery system as well as addressing the states shifting demographics, Mabin applauded the collaborative work put into the effort, but firmly believes that " if you make a plan, then you must "work" the plan that you've made." Nothing good comes of something sitting on a shelf waiting for someone else to use it.

Politics A- GO-GO

Meet, Greet, & Support our local candidates & politicians
  • Herb Rule - U.S. Congress District 2
  • David Johnson - State Senate
  • Julie Blackwood - Justice of the Peace
  • Kathy Webb
  • WarwickSabin
  • Speaker-Elect Darrin Williams
  • & more!!

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