Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Follys For U

Its' another TGIF and how! I don't know about you or you, but for those of "you" who keep whining that there's nothing to do in Little Rock. Get over it. There's plenty and COP 24/7 has spotlighted,highlighted and damn sent up the "Bat Signal" about activities happening in the rock. So if you've got nothing to do, then perhaps its most likely that "you ain't about doing nothing anyways." Hey you guys! There's more stuff to do in Little Rock than I've got damn time for. So without any delay, let's play!

There's an APP for That!

Finding things to do in Arkansas is now right at your fingertips, literally. Need a getaway to a beautiful Arkansas State Park? Well who couldn't use that? Whether you live in Arkansas or just traveling through the Natural State, the Arkansas State Parks On-The-Go Park Guide for iPhone or Android will help you find just the right park for you. Find a park by type (camping, Historic Site, Lake, Lodging, Mountains, Museum or even just for a picnic) Find one near you and get contact information, a list of upcoming programs and a link to the park website for more information. There's even a map to help you find the park and give you directions from wherever you are.

The single favorite thing to do in these parks is hike a trail so we've included that too. Find a trail near you, look it up by location, difficulty or type. Detailed trail maps are not currently included. Many Arkansas State Parks are in very rural areas with limited cell phone coverage. If you plan to hike a trail you can pick up detailed maps at our park visitor centers or download them from our website before leaving home. The new site, found at, features the following four buttons on its main page that link directly to valuable travel information.

Gay Road Trip Campers Arrive

Got nothing to do? Enter the Gay Road Trip Campers who have come on the scene to fill a niche for those who are both die hear or novice campers. Established December 2012 with a trek to Petit Jean State Park, the group seeks to be a "diverse" bunch whom enjoy the rustic lifestyle and apparently roughing it in the outdoors. Currently they have another tip to the Branson/Table Rock area being planned for April. Final dates to be announced. Even though the group states on its Facebook page that its "vision" is about inclusiveness, ironically the FB page is cited as a "closed group" with a stated caveat,"  the founders maintain the right to block anyone considered not appropriate from the group. We don’t foresee this ever being an issue but we do have the right. We accept all people, all races, sexual preference, body shape and size, fetishes, nationality, and/or shoe size." Personally I think I'd rethink some of this verbiage but to each his own I guess. Obviously its not a problem for the 234 members who are "friends" of the page.

Meanwhile the group seeks to provide a space or an avenue to meet new people with similar interest. Plus they hope that this new venture will build friendships and memories through different camping and road trip events. If you are interested they state that they would love to see this new outing possible as a place for our community to go to experience camping, weekend outings etc. You can contact them on Facebook for further details and camping schedules. If you go, don't forget to share some of you experiences with COP 24/7 or better yet maybe COP 24/7 might need to take it to the woods for chance.

Pride in the City

Is there nothing that doesn't get posted to FACEBOOK? Why certainly not. That's why I got the word that there's a move to bring folks together to talk about the re-emergence of "Gay Pride" week or day or what have you in Little Rock. The post sent out from the management of MK's, 610 and TRAx's entitled "Our Diversity 2013" is seeking individuals interested in participating in organizing this years festivities next Tuesday night at Miss Kitty's, 8 pm. As a former participant in this planning, I've been asked to attend and share my two cents on executing such a event. Unfortunately in my opinion, this planning is running a bit late, but as "they say" and I"m not always with that, "better late than never." We';ll be in the house and share the updates as they unfold. Stay tuned....

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