Friday, March 29, 2013

Wide Lenses and Angles Ahead

All Things Gay Coming This Way

With the SCOTUS( Supreme Court of The United States)  hearing testimony on both California's
Prop 8 and DOMA, it seems as if everybody wanted to acknowledge that they knew, was related to or somehow connected to someone who was gay. For COP 24/7 it was almost damn near too much to take! For days on, the airwaves and social media was off the chain with supporters, allies, and politicians racing the wind to get on board with being "friends of the gays." Whoo Hoo! So just what the hell does all this mean. Does this really reflect the sea change that keeps falling from the lips of pundits or another passing moment in our ever increasing "blink" society. In the meantime, this forum wanted to end the week that was "all about the gays," with an interesting commentary from advocate and activist Keith Boykin. Mr. Boykin is a noted commentator, television pundit and has amassed a distinct body of creative works including being a New York Times bestseller. I followed and sourced his long running blog which often pushed me in numerous directions of exploring my personal take on a cadre of matters. And yes I've met him personally tow which I find him totally engaging. I find smart men are extremely sexy to me.  Here is his take on the issues and if you've got back talk, observations or replies, let's hear them. Don't forget to follow us, subscribe, opt-in e-mail or bookmark us!

Commentary: The Evolution of Black America on Gay Marriage

How popular opinion about marriage equality has changed in the African-American community.

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