Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Take Me Higher, Part 2

There's on thing about COP 24/7,  you can count on this forum not being a "big empty" hole of overly dated content that is not relevant to anyone. Its just not done here and I vow that I will keep it fresh and kicking throughout 2013. With that said, every now and then matters take root that causing this forum to do some fancy footwork in producing our daily content. Of course we've made no bones about sourcing material, linking to content, video and certainly making sure that we use any stuff forwarded to us from stringers or other producers. Therefore, I want to again send out a big shout out to all content producers, video bloggers, podcasters and individuals who are creating original content that could be featured on this site. From its origins, COP 24/7 has always presented itself as the "virtual town square" for all to share, be heard or at least come listen. In the past I've even offered to allow another individual to "produce" this site and serve as its overseer. Yet, no takers and from what I can tell, COP 24/7 stands alone as a daily LGBTQ updating site in all of Arkansas. Yea that's right, and we ain't mad about it either. Therefore if you got info, hot topics, observations or whatever, then hit us up for consideration. Don't forget, if you are thinking about it, then most likely COP 24/7 is talking about it! Let's hear from you...

Politics 2016
Hillary Speaks to Marriage Equality

Let the 2016 political games begin! Ladies and Gentlemen and all who haven't decided, COP 24/7 predicts that with this little video share from former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that she's in it to win it in 2016. How nice it must be for the Human Right Campaign to be able to get this plum video to use not only as a foray for Clinton to "shout out" to gay folk, although we didn't hear a peep from her as First Lady of Arkansas, I guess it better late than never. As I watched this and the evolving of President Clinton, I can't help but remember all those years ago when locals as then staff person Betsy Wright about asking then Gov. Clinton about a "Gay Pride Proclamation," she didn't seem to see it being in the governor best interest. Fast forward to 2013 and the Clinton's have discovered the gay "glitterati" from A to Z!
One would think that perhaps they might think that there's some of them gays back in Arkansas that might need some star power to raise some needed funds for our social justice fighting.
Well its only for the asking, so I guess I should get about it to see what can be done.., In the meantime, Mrs. Clinton has brought it about LGBTQ rights both on the home front and of course during her now record breaking globe trekking. So here we go....Hillary 2016!

Words Matter: 10 Steps to Healing from Word Wounds

By: Mary Jayne Rogers Ph.D.

We have all heard and probably recited the nursery rhyme "sticks and stones can break my bones..." You know the rest: "But words can never hurt me." If only it were true. The fact is that words do hurt. Unlike a bruise or broken bone, we can't see the wound on the outside...

10 Steps to Healing Word Wounds

How do we begin to mend the wound we have received from the words of others?

1. Become mindful of the words we use and recognize how our own use of language associates words with feelings, responses and outcomes. Here are a few examples: I am heartbroken; I have a gut feeling; This job is killing me; That person makes me sick; What a pain in the neck. These words and the feelings...

Read the full article here...

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