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Diveristy Swirl of COP 24/7

The Obama Pile On

Just what would you have the leader of the free world do, when he just can't seem to catch a break from almost anywhere. He's got a folks trying to sue him. A gridlocked Congress that is hell bent on making sure that if he's for it, then they are against it. Then there's all manner of mayhem breaking out including the recent boarder crisis with thousand's of children crossing the boarder to matters running afoul in Iraq.

Then you've got your basic "OH" ( Obama Haters) folks whom continue to spew and spread vile, repugnant and insipid rhetoric that often times falls into the ridiculous. Believe it or not, some of this "free speech" even rolls on the pages within the LGBTQ community. Certainly every one is entitled to their opinion but the level of disrespect for the office, the over to top assailment of his efforts and the lukewarm acknowledgement of the numerous accomplishments moved forward by his administration. June 20th President Obama  announce a rule that makes legally married same-sex couples eligible for benefits under the Family and Medical Leave Act in all 50 states, a White House official said.

Currently, legally married couples are eligible for those benefits if they reside in a state in which same-sex marriage is legal. Obama is directing the Department of Labor to propose a rule extending the FMLA rights even to states where gay unions are not legal. This is the latest from the administration that also crafted the National HIV AIDS Strategy, marriage equality and naming numerous LGBTQ candidates to important administrative post.

 Despite poll numbers and the quest of his colleagues to deride past accomplishments and derail any future legislation to complete his term, President Obama although not perfect, he's taken what was dealt to his hand and done his best to know when to hold them and when to fold them. It's damn tough job and you seemed to be damned if you do and damned if you don't.

The WOE Show Features COP 24/7

Just what’s The WOE Show all about?  Well, it’s cutting-edge, probing, absorbing radio.  It explores and dissects controversial issues and topics, and features diverse and dynamic
individuals that impact the LGBTQ community and its allies.  To make things even more appealing, humor is strategically woven throughout. And coming this Sunday (July 13) COP 24/7 Executive Producer, Cornelius Mabin will be the featured guest.

For example, on any given Sunday, The WOE Show shines a bright light on intimate partner violence/abuse (IPV/A), or activism, or HIV/AIDS, or the political climate, or prison rape, or current affairs.  The WOE Show welcomes folks from all walks of life, who are either emerging or established in their particular professions/vocations:  authors, community organizers, adult industry performers, comedians, activists, musicians.  A truly eclectic group. 

The WOE Show is uncut and uncensored.  This enables listeners to get a “three-dimensional” picture of each guest, if you will. Check it out and all things "WOE" at www.wyattevans.com and The Wyatt O'Brian Evans Official Fan Club on Facebook.

Including Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity to the State Civil Right LawAs a part of the efforts for equality in Arkansas, CAR has been working with a coalition called Arkansans for Human and Civil Rights (AHCR). We have four priorities in this coalition:

•    Non-partisan electoral work
•    Racial Profiling Task Force
•    "Add the Words" to the Arkansas Civil Rights law to include sexual orientation and gender identity
•    Creating a Civil Rights Commission for Arkansas

CAR is a part of the team leading the “Add the Words” campaign. If you have a story about how you have been impacted in regard to housing, employment or public accommodations please contact us. We also continue to work on the creation of the Civil Rights Commission.

We are also seeking LGBTQ and Ally community members in every legislative district in the state who are interested in participating on this project. If you are interested please contact us and include your legislative district information as well as your current legislative representatives. Please indicate if they are up for re-election or in their terms. 

LGBT Outreach for Marketplace Special Enrollment Periods

Even though Open Enrollment has ended, certain life events qualify individuals to enroll in a Marketplace health plan outside Open Enrollment (learn more about the life events that qualify you for a Special Enrollment Period in the Health Insurance).

As part of ongoing efforts to raise awareness of what life events qualify individuals for special enrollment periods in the Health Insurance Marketplace and in honor of Pride Month, this week HHS released a series of graphics to help raise awareness through social media. Please consider sharing them with your followers on social media, if they are relevant. You can click on each picture to go to the original image:
New Coverage for Your FamilyAffordable Coverage For Your New Arrival
ACALGBTMarriedSay I Do to Health Coverage

Don't forget to follow our real time coverage of the NABWMT's national conference this week July 8-11, 2014 in Milwaukee! Follow us and like our Facebook page! www.facebook.com/corneliusonpoint.

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