Friday, June 12, 2015

Going for the Friday Wrap UP

Hearts Designed For Change

The Center for Artistic Revolution will present its signature event, the 11th Annual Corazón (Heart)

All proceeds go to support CAR and its programs such as the DYSC program for LGBTQ youth ages 13-22, the LMH Drop-in Center, the only such space for LGBTQ youth in Arkansas, Safe Schools and additional programming.

Celebrating the continuity of Corazón and the agencies 12th year, organizers are seeking artists and community members who care about equality to create a work of art that has in it somewhere a heart shape. The heart does not have to be obvious, just as long as it can be seen in the work. In years past we have distributed literal wooden heart shapes.
Art Auction, June 20 at the beautiful Bernice Gardens,  1401 S. Main St., Little Rock at 7:00pm. The event will include refreshments and music followed by a silent auction.

Two years ago, the agency moved toward encouraging the creation of free form art pieces which garnered greater outcomes. Participants may use any medium and the pieces may be any size, although preferably small enough to get through a standard doorway. For those who feel like they work better with the wooden heart shape, those will still be available.

There will be a jury selection of one work to be featured in the promotional materials for the event. To be considered work must be in by May 29, 2015. Deadline for all other completed work is due at the CAR office on June 12, 2015.

Arkansas Creating Awareness Now

With Pride Season rolling out all over the country and in Arkansas, there continues to be notices
about new activities and programming coming soon. According to a Facebook posting, Arkansas
CAN ( Creating Awareness Now) has posted that "Pride in the Rock," will take place
Friday, June 24th with a undetermined activity, Saturday, 6/25/15 at the Rev Room for a Luncheon with additional details to be announced, a Saturday evening event at Clubs Sway and a Sunday event in a local park with finalization coming soon. Check out their Facebook page as more details become available.

Need Insurance? If you have had a major life change or special circumstances, you still could get access to care. If you missed the open enrollment period, its coming around this November 2015. Watch this platform for updates on how you can assistance. Call 379-8203 for more information.

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