Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Periscope Tuesday at COP 24/7

National Men's Health Week

COP 24/7 was designed to cover a range of topics that also impacts a wide array of individuals as well as those who may access this platform. Our Mission Pillars have remained the same since our
inception, which are to empower, educate and entertain conversations, dialogue, debate, dissent and direction to identify common goals or spaces for improvement.

June 15-21 is designated as National Men's Health Week and COP 24/7 challenges our male readers to make sure that their health becomes a priority because men are twenty four percent less likely to see a doctor in the past year. So get insured, schedule yearly check up's and certainly get tested for HIV and know your status. Need more info? Check out The HHS’s Federal Occupational Health Agency’s  (FOHA’s)  step-by-step guide offers a reliable way to make those visits more frequent and helps men take control of their health from Coverage to Care.  
  • Download a free resource, Men: Stay Healthy at Any Age, an informational pamphlet on screening tests, preventative medicine, and steps for good health for men.
  • Make sure to browse FOHA’s  comprehensive Campaigns and Outreach Toolkit for  free and downloadable flyers, posters, table tents, and email blasts to help you spread the word throughout your communities!
Documentary on My Brother’s Keeper this weekend!
My Brother’s Keeper Documentary Film, Rise: The Promise of My Brother’s Keeper, is airing on Discovery Channel and OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network June 21 at 7 PM ET/PTThe My Brother’s Keeper initiative was launched by President Obama to address persistent opportunity gaps faced by boys and young men of color and ensures that all young people can reach their full potential. The show explores the lives and families of boys and young men of color from across the country that participate in life changing intervention programs. The film highlights four programs that exemplify the principles of President Obama's My Brother's Keeper (MBK) initiative to improve the life outcomes of boys and young men of color.
According to a White House fact sheet, Little Rock is the only Arkansas city that joined the community challenge to implement a coherent cradle-to-college and career strategy aimed at improving life outcomes for all young people, consistent with the goals and recommendations of the Task Force’s May report, to ensure that all youth can achieve their full potential, regardless of who they are, where they come from, or the circumstances into which they are born. The Challenge is not a new federal program, but rather a call to action for leaders of communities across the Nation to build and execute comprehensive strategies. For more on the initiative go to www.whitehouse.gov/my-brothers-keeper
"The Magna Carta at 800" In partnership with the Clinton Foundation and the Pulaski County Bar Association
This week marks 800 years since King John of England signed the Magna Carta, which has persisted as one of the most influential charters in history. Its principles of individual liberty, right to trial by jury, and legal supremacy have informed a wide variety of documents, from the United States Constitution to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Lewis Neilson, Jr., Chancellor of the National Society Magna Charta Dames and Barons, will discuss the importance of the Magna Carta as well as the institutions that have preserved its principles.
When: Friday, June 26, 2015 at noon
 Clinton School of Public Service, Sturgis Hall
*Reserve your seats by emailing publicprograms@clintonschool.uasys.edu or calling (501) 683-5239.
Bar Watch in the City
Its been many minutes since COP 24/7 offered a "bar watch" item for your consumption. However, even though there is always more pressing breaking news, we can't forget that these outlets have always been a source of "community" and places to gather both socially and politically. Yet as equality tide continues to swell and more spaces are seeking to accommodate the LGBTQ community, its no doubt that all of this accessibility has had a profound impact on "gay bars," in Little Rock. Not to keep tooting our horn, but COP 24/7 has stated over and over again that if "we are not there for them, then most likely they won't be their us." Case in point, Satchemo's has announced that June 30 they will be closing their doors.
With that news also they have announced this week of a reduction in weekly hours and a limited menu. This effort was the brain child of Joy Evans and family which previously own UBU and Gut Buster's both of which also closed. Ultimately there's too much to possibly unpack about "what had happen," except that perhaps this establishment from our vantage point, seemed to be spinning the big who and what are we" wheel that I suspect may have caused some confusion. After opening to great fanfare, this venue was presented as an answer to what was suppose to be a lack of "women centric" places.
Then afterwards or at some point things shifted to a being a "sports bar for women??" Moving on there was emphasis on its food which got mixed reviews including a lukewarm review in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette. After that review, the place did more "360" transformations including d├ęcor, becoming a entertainment spot featuring local acts and also an attempt to court "families" from the nearby Stiff Station neighborhood. Apparently none of this really worked to give the place an "identity' or a direction that was going to attract or keep patrons coming back. In all actuality Satchemo's appeared to try too hard to be "everything for everybody," without perhaps realizing that maybe there's value in keeping your menu tight with your best selections, assess the market and if what you're offering is "really" going to fill a niche and don't forget that just because you build it they will come.
 With all that said, this market can be a tough one due to many factions including social media diversions, folks nesting, expectations, and the young set that has no clue as to how these establishment use to be a vital source of not only entertainment but finding like minded persons whom you could connect too. All of that is now too shifting to a by gone era as gay bars across the country are closing their doors because many have found limited use for their existence. 
Nevertheless, COP 24/7 can't forget the best of time and maybe a few times that we may not want to remember that happened in our engaging the local night life. In this pride month, its would be great to just "remember" those establishment such as "The French Quarter," Silver Dollar, Lil's Pub, Plumtastics, Garbo's, Sargent Prestons and so many more that have been apart of the LGBT history book that are gone but not forgotten. Thanks Satchemo's for trying to be their!  

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