Monday, June 22, 2015

Welcome to HIV Awareness Week at COP 24/7

The 24/7 news cycle contains a tremendous amount of news, breaking news and a onslaught of coverage that seems endless. This platform does it ever loving best to stay "on point" with as much current or fast moving stories that are being blasted out across numerous sites and other news gathering mediums. Yet with all this crackling news sorting and trending, COP 24/7 also is dedicated to spotlighting efforts that are not getting the "buzz" or the relentless "talking head" coverage that fills the airwaves.

This week COP 24/7 will cross pollinate this platform with our Facebook page( and all our connected media partners including The READ  produced by LACorp Publishing ( ), The Reflections of Mirror Project, LinQ for Life,( ) Inc.and Arkansas HIV Planning Group in a united effort to recognize National HIV Awareness Week, culminating on June 27 as National HIV Testing Day.

All week this sight will offer the latest in links, updates, video, statistics, strategies and what's really going on and what's not going on in Arkansas around HIV and AIDS. Please bookmark us or subscribe to make sure that you don't miss this aggressive week of educating, empowering and entertaining minds and hearts to how the "solution is all of us," in ending new infections and ending AIDS in Arkansas.

The Waves of Truvada in Stopping HIV

We begin our week with posting the following video from which has developed a 3 part series in which viewers can get a point of view about the use of the drug, Truvada and its impact on consumers both HIV positive or not. Discussions around its usage have been animated across the country, yet in Arkansas there has not been a grow swell of dialogue concerning the use of the drug, however, there have been no direct surveys or inquires as to the usage or even the prescribing of the drug.

As the week goes forward, COP 24/7 will share the entire series and more information on how individuals can get FREE testing, counseling, insurance navigation, links to care or retention in care and direct contacts to services. It's going to be fact filled week that will cover a variety of topics to increase our communities viral load! Please share this post with your networks and repost on your social sites.


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