Friday, July 31, 2015

A Hot in July TGIF

COP 24/7 is always on the hunt for the latest content, out of the box, off the chain and rants that often time just go left. Enter Cool Ass Brother as he just dives in and tells it like he see's it around the ATL. His frank and pointed comments could be "any city USA," and especially here in Arkansas where we are still facing much capacity building and infrastructure needs that can't be denied.

 His comments also come at a time as Little Rock Black Gay Pride 2015 rolls out with unknown expectations and certainly no stated distinct outcomes that could be of benefit to those whom it is suppose to be seeking to exalt. Of course there will lots of "skin," "T & A," and all manner of items that seem to be what folks are seeking. Stay tuned as we will do our best to offer a wrap up, if we even dare...

This comments from Cool Ass Brother is all his own, and let's just say that he owns it. Although his piece was originally posted June 2013, his words continue to resonate and offers several  "ouch" moments to this very day.


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