Sunday, January 07, 2007

The 24/7 Catch Up

As reported last post, we are in a recovery mode and expecting a full bounce back in a few weeks. I would like to thank those who shared their concerns and well wishes for our speedy recoup. Being able to post has become apart of my therapy in the overall recovery process, as I've always embraced the mantra, " the show must go on!.."

GLBT Person of the Year. As I understand the voting should be completed and I'm assuming the tabulations will be announce shortly. The assortment of candidates was very interesting and the hightlights from each colorful. However, I'm trying to determine what differentiates this reconigtion from the Gay Pride Awards solicited during GPW 2006, which balloted an array of candidates (persons) and businesses that were deemed noteworthy for their contribution to the community. Meanwhile, apparently using some of the same criteria cited for the "Person" designation. I fully support acknowledging trailblazers and those front line contributors. Because reconizing these indivdiuals is an important factor in organizational survival, community pride, as well as stakeholder interest.However, I suggest that some caution should be taken not to dillute the significance of such an award with too much overlaping or redundancy rendering the entire process moot.

Arkansas Legislature Returns!: The Arkansas legistaure will be returning to the State House for yet another year of back slapping, bill swopping, scene chewing and catfish eating luncheons to boot as they create laws affecting us all. Despite all this ballyhoo, the national Gay Press has hearlded the election of Kathy Webb (Disrict 37) as a bellweather in Arkansas Politics. With such prounoucements as "First Lesbian elected to Arkansas Legislature in Arkansas History..." and " Gay politics gets ally in Arkansas..." Ms. Webb, also nominated as GLBT Person of the Year, seems to be have been rather mumm on the win, exactly what her platform entails (especially any GLBT connection) and how she plans to represent those progressive Hill Crest citizens. We were referred to her website, but it has morphed into an redirected potential candidates info page.

Benefits A-Go-Go Revisted: In December 2006 we noted that it was raining benefits in the GLBT commuity and we hoped that all these efforts would bring significant funds to the coffers of local organizations. However, we have only heard about a $350.00 contriubtuion from the Toys in Babeland benefit held at The Factoryheld Dec.9 Nothing about the "who planned this?" World AIDS Day fundraiser at Easy Street. Also upon checking the Arkansas AIDS Foundation website, there was no posted info on the Bachelor Party(Dec. 2) Compassion Awards (winners or cash) or recap about the big ticket Simply Red Party. If we can't find out how much was raised or donated for those deserving AIDS clients, then how about some pictures at least, so that we know that a good time was had by all!

Editors Note: All dialouge and comments are welcomed. It has been brought to our attention that some comments were unpublished or deleted. As moderator I make every attempt to make sure all comments are attributed to each post. If mistakes were made they have been corrected as quickly as noted. Ocassionally we have had some spam comments and have tried to obviously delete those. We would abhor the thought that any one would feel obligated to "kiss our feet" or bow to our point of view in order to participate here at The Body Politic. In closing, we were mentioned for GLBT Person of the Year but, not his holy eminence.

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