Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Stuff bustin out all over....

"Stuff is bustin out all over," and we are in hot pursuit of posting breaking news,updates, links and all the vital info we can muster. There are enough scheduled events coming up to make your head spin! As your online destination, it is our mission to gather, disseminate and promote as many national, statewide or local happenings as possible. We encourage your participation as either a citizen journalist or bystander who's got the goods on what's really going on in our community. Therefore, ladies and gentlemen and all those who haven't decided...the news!

In Salute to those comrades who shared their visions ,passions and strength,The Body Politic acknowledges Black History Month 2007. We will highlight significant individuals throughout the month as a means of reaffirming the contributions of African Americans within the culture.

NWA Sounds off: Kudos and "high five's" go out to various members of Northwest Arkansas's progressive community. In conjunction with there recent Gender Identity presentation at UUC-fayetteville, they were highlighted on a segment of National Public Radio which aired 1/28/2007 with a subsequent website feed available 2/2/2007. Also,NWA Community center President, Donna, accompanied by other members traveled to Little Rock in an outreach effort to meet local activist, witness the swearing in of Kathy Webb,(Dist. 37) as the first openly gay person elected to state office and check out the local color. The Body Politic applauds our NWA brother and sisters for there tremendous surge forward. As of 2007 they have a new toll free number for assistance, 1.888.391.9222

Yippe Ki Aye...: It seems that the management and membership of Northside's, Sidetracks, just won't rest until you've been eithr fed or entertained. According to Bar Manager, Hank, the calender is simply bustin loose with a range of activites that speaks to all levels of the community. Congrats go out to Team Jackie and Buffy for having the winning chili recipie in the recent club cook-off. Despite stiff competiton sources state that the two women had a robust, yet flavoful concoction that wowed the judges. The gang from Easy Street were awarded 2nd with Scott Harper in third place. And it doesn't stop there. A new Thursday night "freefall" featuring area musicians will start 2/1, at 7 p.m.,featuring singer/songwriter Brenda Lyons, who will bring her brand of unique music to the clubhouse. There is no admission charge. For more information join Sidetracks Yahoo group. Click to: Tell them you heard it here first!!!!

Discussion in the House!: In our last posting we raised the question: Is Little Rock ready for a Gay Chamber of Commerce? Some of the talking points all ready starting to trickle in concern whether organizations such as this are elitist or attempt to manipulate. Are our rainbow dollars being dilluted in an attempt to "mix & mingle" with tolerant heterosexuals? A local Chamber Vs. Ole' Boy Network of doing business in Little Rock? Chamber Creation 101: Who and How ?
As usual we are seeking valuable imput and thought provoking viewpoints community wide. Please note that your comments will be posted, so if you can't stand the heat in the kitchen, then don't come in here and try to cook with us.

Crowns-R-Us!! Taylor Madison Monore resigned 1/28 by letter to the Pageant Board of Directors as the current reigning Miss Gay Arkansas 2006. The title has been assumed by Raven St. James, First Alternate. The annual pageant seasons begins with the coronation of Miss St. James, Febraury 4, prior to the begining of Miss Little Rock preliminary, being held at Backstreet, 1021 Jessie Road. Call Ken Brown, 664-2744 for more information.

A Factory Re-do: As we see it, The Factory, 412 louisiana, has become the communites answer to the Rubics Cube due to there ever changing schedule of opening times, personnel changes and activites that have many folks scracthing there heads. Case in point, on a recent evening the club was slated to be open,(including an illuminated "open" sign) yet the doors were locked leaving guest standing in the cold speculating about the situation. There was no notification posted of any kind, despite a text message that was sent out to the "text circle" alerting them to the addition of new pool tables and drink specials. Here's our two cents. If you are going to earn the respect of patrons then putting your best foot forward always will take you in the right direction. In business, either your put up or close up. Think about it!

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