Monday, January 22, 2007

New Power Generation

Donna Summer in tribute to Luther Vandross from a French video release.

From the where are they now file: If you have had enough of the cold weather and decided you may need a getaway, try checking out songstress, Donna Summer who is back in the mix with two appearances scheduled for 2007. First stop, Universal Orlando's Mardi Gras Celebration, February 2 and March 3 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. As the planning for GPW 07 get's underway, wouldn't it be great if talent of this caliber could be included in our line up similar to the larger cities that have Pride day's that are off the hook and memorable. Of course, this begs the question, how much excitement could be amassed or that all important creative sponsorship that would be instrumental. As I understand, the pride committee has had some "verbal" committments and are desperately seeking firm obligations from interested sponsors. However,as an event planner by trade, such cooperative agreements have to be forged long in advance and certainly cultivated with a "win-win" factor. Especially for the sponsor, who look for returns on there investment and organizers who hope to keep future awards. It's my two cents that, it seems like there's a lot of work to do in a short period of time with some very limited resources.

United for Equality 2007: United for Equality is the national theme for GPW celebrations around the country inconjunction with the Little Rock Pride Fetival scheduled for June 3, 2007 at the Rivermarket. As a prelude, the committee will host, Faces of Pride, Febraury 9 at the UBU nightspot and a local Academy Award bash. Organizers are also seeking supporters for their, "Circle of 100" patrons list. Donating $100.00 will help underwrite festival expenses and general organizational support. Click

Mind Melds 4 U... The Arkansas Queer Coalition, February 16-17, is sponsoring the first statewide conference at Hendrix College in Conway, AR The tenative schedule features workshops on "the Mechanics of Oppression," "People of Color Solidarity," and "Trans Speak Out." Registration and accomodations info can be found at:
This event is open to students and the general public.

Benefits-R-Us 2007: It is an acceptable practice of Non-profit organizations to rely on donations, grants, sponsorships and fundraisers to offset there operational cost and client services. However, The Body Politic was intrigued at yet another fundrasier, hailed as a "Golden Globe Watch Party" held for AAF at Easy Street piano bar Monday, January 15, that seemed to lack any guest. Sources state that the proprietor was fully prepared to entertain, but was chagrined at the turn out, including most fellow board members who failed to attend. Not to mention the lack of publicity the event was given by the in-house committee. In a last ditch attempt to save face, the owner resorted to using his cell phone list to entice attendance. Could the community be suffering "fundraising" fatigue or is this another occassion of inept planning syndrome? Stay tuned...

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