Friday, January 12, 2007

Back to the Hustle and Flow...

The recovery continues,with four weeks and counting to our full bounce back to fighting mode. Some therapy and R& R have proved instrumental all around in this portion of my makeover. I'm very grateful to all those who have sent their postive vibes and well wishes. All this people power from healthcare workers, personal prayers and concerned individuals have filled my soul with a healing force. Thanks to all! On another personal front, I would like to acknowledge my 13th Anniversary to my partner, James. Our "ying and yang" realtionship has endured much and we hope to have many more. Our motto and mantra for a successful realtionship can be found in the words of William Smith, "Love is not a matter of counting the years, it's making the years count."
And now the Hustle and flow...

Backdated Comments: In case you missed it, we hosted a lively discussion on corporate giving to local organization, especailly needy start-up non-profits such as the NW Arkansas Commuity Center who received a $5000.00 award from Wal-Mart. The discussion took off in a variety of directions sometimes with passions flaring and nostrils glaring. As moderator I read all the comments and realized that I could further step to plate by offering some capacity building information that may not have been accessed by this organization. I don't have to reinvent the wheel, nor do they, there are many portals and sites galore that have practical ideas that can be applied to their situation. Therefore, I plan to commit several posting and personal mentoring if needed by offering some creative methods that have benefited grassroots organizations both small and large. Of course, these will only be suggestions. The real heavy lifting will still be the responsibility of the stakeholders who want to see the organization succeed!

VIGIL 2007: The 14th Annual Vigil, Jaunary 15, 2007, 8:30am, commemerating the life and leagacy of Martin Luther King, will be held at the M.L. Fine Arts Center on the Philander Smith Collge campus. The program is open to the community at large and everyone is encourage to attend.

Gathering of the Minds: The Queer Coalition meeting is still being planned for February in Conway Arkansas. For more information go to: coalition

JCCSI presents the 3rd Annual HIV/ AIDS Conference, February 1-2, 2007 The Theme is Expanding the Circle of Compassion, with workshops, seminars and luncheons at the Peabody Hotel. Click to JCCSI.ORG for agenda and registration information.

National Black HIV/ AIDS Awareness Day: February 7 is the National reconignition of testing, education, and treatment for HIV/ AIDS in the African American community. Locally, plans are being formualted with details to be released. As they become available you will get here it first. The Body Politic will host video, commentary and information highlighting this key event beginning January 22 through February 7, 2007.

FAST FACTS: Can you hear me now? Apparently a phone number listed as the Arkansas AIDS Hotline,(1.800.342.2437)is actually a CDC health info directory, that offers a wealth of health info to wade through via vocal prompts. But, unfortunately has nothing to do with actual direct services available in Arkansas.

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