Friday, January 19, 2007

The Hustle and Flow continues...

What a difference a few weeks make, as we continue to gather steam to forge into 2007 covering the LGBTQ community at large and beyond. Our committment to the AIDS crisis remains paramount with our participation in the National Black AIDS HIV/AIDS Awarness Day, February 7. We will continue our partnerships with YOUTube, Evoca and newsfeeds in our mission to be your online destination for the most up to date news, video, podcasting, commentary as well as an information portal. However, doing our best means encouraging our readership to giving us your best leads, comments, corrections and breaking news from your neck of the woods. The year is just getting started and we are anticipating the excitement to take us to new heights!

Show me the Money! At post time we are still awaiting an accounting announcement for all the benefits that were held on behalf of the Arkansas AIDS Foundation to assist with client services. To date, no figures have been released via website or press release, especially those associated with the much ballyhooed, Simply Red bash held in December. If you've got th skinny on how much was raised share it with us. However, Kudos go to Raven St. James inconjunction with the Helping People with AIDS fund for a raising $3500.00 for there direct client services. According to a posting on the Miss Arkansas website, St. James acknowledge both statewide and local participation.

Crown Season 2007: The annual state impersonator pageant calender is taking shape as qualifiers line up to assume available titles. The announced pageants will be held at the Backstreet/ Discovery Complex and are as follows:

Miss Little Rock, February 4
Miss Discovery, March 11
Miss Capitol City, May 27

The season culiminates with preliminary winners in the Miss Gay Arkansas America coronation later in the year. Pageant officials have also announced that Male interview will be insituted as an optional category in this year program. Our insider sources have whispered there odds favorite to win this year's competition...
and the winner will be, Raven St. James!

Dont Play it again Sam!: The rumored addition of a "piano atmosphere" at The Factory has evaporated in leiu of the on again and off again,(an may I add,very tired) Tuesday night Karaoke fest. Owners had floated the idea that a piano would be added to offset the complications with keeping a Karoke DJ and lack of participation. The piano was to be added to the caberet area and a host would be tickling the ivories for happy hour guest and beyond. Yet,apparently the concept was dismissed in favor of more of the same wannabees warbling there way to their 15 minutes of fame.

Rocky Mountain High: Denver, Colorado has been choose as the site of the Democratic National Convention and receives high praises from the National Stonewall Democratic organization citing the city as a "welcoming environment," for the LGBT community. NSD has chapters around the country, including Little Rock, will provide a national training forum to be held in Las Vegas, NV/ March, Oklahoma City/July, and Manchester, NH/ October.

Apology Go-round: The list of personalities, entertainers, politicians and who-evers who must get on the "Apology-Go-Round continues this week with Isaiah Washington of Gray's Anatomy fame, who said he didn't berate co-star T. R. Knight by calling him the "F" word, (yes, faggot) on the set of the series. Plus he denied his involvement to press at the Golden Globe Award, but later sort of recanted and sent out another lukewarm apology. Meanwhile, Mr. Knight shared his emotions with talk show host, Ellen, stating that her personal journey had also help him with his sexualaity being "lanced" into the seering hollywood spotlight. Subsequently the backlash from this incident has resulted in an online petition with 9,000 signatures calling for Washington's head to be removed from the show. From where we stand, "political incorrectness" and homophobia still loom large in tinsel land.

Fast Fact: Congratulations to the Northwest Arkansas GLBT Community Center for establishing a toll free number to access local services and information. The number is 1.888.391.9222

Get Ready to Get Educated, Tested, Treated and Involved with the National Black HIV/ AIDS Awarness Day, February 7, 2007

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