Sunday, February 18, 2007

Stuff bustin out all over....a double take!!

My inbox and other resources are talking about the fast, furious, fascinating and the down right foolishness that keeps busting out from every angle. Talk about an exorcist moment of spinning and spewing. Of course, we are determined to keep up with it all as it breaks, unbreaks and simply just breaks open in this age of info overload, 24/7. So, let's get this madness started...

Apology 3.0 As I expected, B-baller, shotcaller, Tim Hardaway has decided that one apology isn't enough and has offered at least 3 ( yes- 3) versions of why he didn't mean what he said in a Miami interview concerning possible gay team mates or anyone else gay for that matter. The mea culpa's could roll out his mouth fast enough when he was: (1.) banned from the All-Star events in Vegas, (2.) picketing of his business interest. and (3.) the thought that his tirade might cause him future endorsements and earnings. Meanwhile, John Amaechi, stated that he didn't accept the apology (none of them) and felt that there was no sincerity in the statements. We couldn't agree more. Sounds like Mr. Hardaway is a prime candidate for Mr. T's, Pity the Fool, reality show.

HERE TV! In case you haven't noticed, gay media outlets are bustin out all over with a host of original programming, specials and online interactivity. The highly acclaimed and international phenom, The DL Chronicles, from the creative team of Quincy Lanear and Deondray Gossett, will join the line up in 2007. This fascinating look into the "sexually duplicitous and secretive lives of African American men on the "low low," is expected to be well received by the HERE TV audience. If you are Central Arkansas Comcast Digital subscriber, you too can get in on the action. For preveiws go to

Rainbow Iraq. Thanks to a savvy reader we were given the update on the alledged killing spree of Gay Iraqi's as apart of a sworn fatwa from leading cleric, Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani. Despite the recent crack down on violence, it's been reported in an online blog,, that gay's have been tracked by fundamentalist militas and Islamist death squads for crimes against Islam. The website was still posting as of this entry, however, creators are fearful that the site will be shut down and further deaths will go unreported. Many supporters from around the world have posted notices of solidarity and outreach. We salute our many men and women in uniform dealing with this conflict on a daily basis and pray for there safe passage home. American lives lost as of ( 1/19/07): 3,135

Books & Movies-R-Us. Kudos to Literary Pride, a local gay book club on securing author,( Dancer at the Dance) Andrew Hollerman and there participation in the upcoming Literary Festival, April 20-22. Also the newly formed, Cinema Pride, which recently hosted a movie night at Easy Street Lounge ,307 W. 7th street. We encourage your support of these new outlets for your entertainment pleasure and tell them you heard about it here.

Amber Alert update: We were informed by Little Rock's Pride Committee President, Joe La Fountaine, ( in reference to our posting on the whereabouts of the local black gay community) that the "welcome mat" was out to the Black gay community for imput into this year's activites. We'll keep you posted...

Pride Profiles updates: A hearty thanks to Little Rock Pride. com for asking for my participation in the Profiles in Pride spotlight on there site. The column highlights community members and their personal reflections. To view, jump to:

The Hook Up. It is our sincerest effort to offer a cross section of services or links highlighting the diversity of the GLBTQ community. The links below are offered as gateways and do not infere an endorsement. Here are just a few:

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