Wednesday, February 28, 2007

On point and Stayin ahead of the Curve!

I want to start this post with more "thank you's" to all of you who have been extremely positive about our efforts with this forum. Despite it's labor intensiveness, the overall response has encouraged me to continue on my mission to fill a community media void. Due to the diversity of the culture, I cover a spectrum of issues, topics, "hot button," and news from the fringe, to inform, entertain, enlighten and possibly enrage. If you think we've said all we can say, just stay tuned, because our laser is "on point and staying ahead of the curve!"

3MV & Racism: In a past post we were informed at the stymied reception the HIV/AIDS intervention program, Many Men/Many Voices received from the personnel/management of local gay favorite Backstreet, due to the nature of the program and it's materials. We obtained the questionable materials (pictured above) for closer inspection and are simply stumped at the rationale for deeming the handouts or workshops racist. Anyone could actually take the material for information sake for that matter. The packets contain, condoms, wet lube and a well crafted note card outlining a synopsis of the program, highlighted with pictures of a cross-section of men of color. These programs exist to address a "targeted audience" in the AIDS information arsenal, as well as, designed to specifically to explore in depth the concerns around sexuality, self identity, sex practices and homophobia. Unfortuantely, none of those making this judgement call were in attendance at the recent African American HIV Awareness banquet, where all the assorted details were outlined for all to hear. Don't Hate - Educate! Contact Jeremy Martin, 501-663-7166, ext. 105 for participation details.

Capitol Watch: On 2.26.07 the Arkansas House passed a bill ( HB1444) sponsored by Rep. Fred Allen, D-Little Rock, that would require prisons to offer HIV testing to inmates preparing to leave prison. It's estimated that this testing would affect over 5,500 people who leave prison yearly. However, due to objections from ACD attorneys, citing the American with Disabilities Act the bill was stripped of the provision that prisoners who test positive receive treatment before being paroled. The bill has been sent to the Senate with a 95-0 vote. For more info navigate to: Of course I would like to know if they test positive and get no treatment then what..?

Sidetrack Fountainhead: More "attaboys" go out to the management and supporters of the North Shores community hub, Sidetracks, with there relentless calendar of events slated for the community at large. I noticed that the calendar now reflects a nod to a recent topic/issue submitted to The Body Politic, involving whether the capitol city was ready for a gay Chamber of Commerce. Enter, the 2nd Thursday/ Alternative After Hours Network from 5:30p.m. -7:30 p.m. Most likely modeled after local chamber mixers, this new event will allow the business set to gather and gab about what they are all about. Whether reading our postings or dreaming these ideas up themselves, it's apparent that the folks at Sidetracks are gushing fountainheads of creative optimism. We will be there...will you?
check it for yourself at:

Rockin Rodeo: Yes it's that time again, as the Diamond State Rodeo Association gears up for, "Rodeo in the Rock 2007," April 20-22. A year in the planning, the committee has announced the downtown La Quinta Hotel as the host hotel and Sidetracks as the kick-off party site. The rodeo will feature an assortment of activities with package deals for the entire event. Giddy on over to there website for more details:

Crowns-R-Us: The pageant season continues with Miss Discovery, March 11 at Backstreet. This is a preliminary to the Miss Gay Arkansas America to be held later this year. The current title holder is Ambrosia Bordeaux. If you've got what it takes, contact organizers directly at: Good Luck and tell em you heard about it here!!!

Be Our Guest!: This forum was designed as an interactive medium and we are soliciting your opinion op-eds and commentary. Within the next few post, we will feature some guest writers who have a distinct point of view. However, if you want to be a guest blogger, contact us and pitch your idea. Of course, I'm never lost for words, but I know that many of you reading us, believe you can do us one better. So, what you waitin for, let's hear from ya!


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