Thursday, February 08, 2007

Stuff bustin out all over....and more! part 2

Talk about "bustin out," in 2007. We asked for citizen journalist to weigh in on what's going on locally, statewide, nationwide, as well as internationally and the inbox is filling up with your info. Many thanks for your contributions and keep them coming. As we have previously stated, this site covers the GLBTQ community and beyond, with a focus on current information, profiles, showcases and educating. The Body Politic is dedicated to offering a well rounded view of a diverse body of people and the subjects that impact them. Fasten your seat belts and gird your loins, because we are coming at you fast and furious with more of what you've been looking for! We may have to go on a daily post just to keep up!

We are family in Black History Month! John Amaechi, (pictured above) former NBA player with the Orlando Magic and Utah Jazz, will discuss his upcoming book, Man in the Middle, on ESPN's Outside the Line, recalling his career experiences in the league as a gay athlete. Mr. Amaechi has been beset with rumors and speculations about his sexuality throughout his tenure with the league despite his performance. Various other blogsite have had extremely nasty and homophobic comments posted by readers and pundits. Even though there are other athletes who have come out with their struggles, I was saddened at the verve of hate directed at this individual who has also been a philanthropist, positive role model and certainly not hard on the eyes. According to the book jacket, it was "ghost written" by Anonymous and It's available at

Congrats to "Soul" Super Bowl winner Mr. Tony Dungy, head coach for the Indianapolis Colts,as the first African American coach to capture the title. His overall committment to determination and affirmation of his faith as a foundation is credited for his success.

Pink Spectrum-MIA...The local tabloid, Pink Spectrum, seems to be MIA,(mising in action) from circulation. The publication was hearlded with much anticipation from it's publisher's Shon DeArmon and James Porter in March 2006 as a "alternative nightlife magazine" with a primary objective to "unify and celebrate in diversity...growth... and positive change in the pursuit of peace." Howvever, we are unaware of any new issues produced in 2007 and calls to the offices have gone unreturned or unanswered. We'll keep you posted if there is a response to our inquires.

Party over Here!!!...Talk about activity, the north shore's Sidetracks is a buzz with a head spining calendar of events and foot-stompin good times in February. (We hear that the Super Bowl party was off the hook!) Entrepreneur's Jim and Phillip have put up the good fight to fullfill the much needed "Welcome Home," atmosphere in the community, mostly without cover charges! If you are looking for it, most likely they've got it planned. Ranging from Wednesday's Progressive Happy Hour, Holiday parties, new Monday Latin/Salsa night and let's not forget the food. Yes, food and more food including a Friday midnight breakfast and 1st Sunday Potluck. Why cook, when you can indulge on free buffets, drink specials and good company from "John" Mr. DSRA , who makes everyone feel sexy! Check it out: 415 Main Street, North Little Rock 501.244.0444 and tell em you heard it here first.

HIV/ AIDS Intervention: Jeremy Martin, program facilitator of Many Voices- Many Men, a HIV-AIDS prevention project funded by the CDC and hosted by JCCSI is seeking participants throughout the greater Central Arkansas area. The program target's the African American MSM (men having sex with men) community in an effort to further educate in an non-judgemental setting complete with the offer of free HIV testing. Each participant should either have a negative or unknown status. AIDS has reached epidemic porportions in the Black community, with Black women being overtly affected. After completing the sessions, gift certificates are awarded. For more information contact 501.663.7166, ext. 105

Under the Crown...And the winnner is, Sasha Harris, Miss Gay Little Rock 2007, with Alexis D. Wolfchase as 1st alternative from a field of five contestants. The pageant held February 4 at Backstreet was also the coronation of Miss Gay Arkansas America 2006, Raven St. James, former 1st Alternative to Taylor Monroe whom abdicated the title last month. Congratulations all around!!

Fast Fact: Arkansas' legislature on 2.7.07 again failed to pass the Equal Rights Amendment with a vote of 10 to 10. Only 35 states have ratified the measure causing it not to be amended to the constitution.

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