Tuesday, February 06, 2007

And the Beat goes on and on and on...

Producing this site and validating the material to be featured is not only daunting but has it's daily challenges. Especially as I consume a dizzying array of press releases, suggested topics from readers, observations and a host of publications from coast to coast. Creating this forum as my personal pulpit hasn't been designed to sit in judgement but rather reconize when there's an "800 pound gorilla in the room," when it's unapparent to others, present progressive solutions and offer the voice of those who feel powerless. Furthermore, embarking on this endeavor in an attempt to service the complex GLBT community took hutspa, a certain amount of moxy and insight. September 19, 2007 will mark our fourth year of growth, not to mention perseverance with tech changes. All while I pondered how to develop an audience in a sector of the Arkansas populous that had not been tapped or considered viable. Therefore, I affirm the pillars of our mission statement: to inform, educate and entertain. It all comes down to the old adage, "no guts...no glory."

In celebration of Black History Month and our efforts to keep it fresh, we will feature links to Jengo TV, a new BGLBT media portal featuring the interview show, Inside Blast and other lifestyle channels. For a sneak preview click to: www.JengoTV.com

Noah's Arc grounded: The ground breaking and original Logo series, "Noah Arc," has been cancelled according to network executives. The show conceieved by I. P. Polk, was the first commerical product that openly demonstrated the diversity within the Gay black community, the complex, yet multi-dimensional aspects of Black men and issues that are often not discussed. The assemble cast( as pictured above) was headed by Daryl Stephens as Noah, a coming of age screenwriter living and loving in L.A. with a close knit support system of family. Plans are underway to complete a feature film in 2008. If you missed this series (and you should not) either buy the DVD box set at logoonline.com or through Netflix's.

Check your local schedules for events for National Black HIV/ AIDS Awareness Day, February 7, 2007.

Discussion in the House: The question of forming a local GLBT chamber of commerce is still on the table for discussion. We are encouraging your comments both positive and negative. This issue resulted from the concern that local GLBT businesses are not easily identified or accessable, especially for newcomers to the city or approachable for sponsorships. In major areas, there are a host of magazines and newspapers with resource listings plus signature pockets of commerce such as Houston's Montrose, OKC Northwest, Cedar Springs in Dallas or West Hollywood. I am sure that each of these areas have vital issues that are widely debated and contested. Therefore it's imperative that at least an open forum be pursued about organzing such a group with so many pro's and con's.

Two Snaps and a Circle: In reference to a 1/31/07 post concerning The Factory, we received this text message (2/1/07 )reprinted as sent from management:

"I would like to offer to you my sincerest regrets that my having to rush out the door due to a death in my immediate family purturbed you enough to slam us on your blog site. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have cause you. Btw, the bar was closed less than an hour before a replacement arrived."

First, our condolences and prayers in your time of bereavement. We are not so shortsighted that we lack understanding of life's untimely emergencies. The mention of this incident wasn't our attempt to "slam" anyone but was in response to other guest who were perplexed at the situation and "hoped all was well". It's suprising that this post gave rise to a speedy response when there have been no "thank you's," texted or otherwise for all the positive ink given to promoting The Factory or area businesses unilaterally. Finally, characterizing patronage as "perturbed" or "inconvenienced" is counterproductive, but sage advice is priceless.

Congratulations to Mark "Spanky" Wetzel for being choosen, GLBT Person of the Year. Mr. Wetzel will be honored as apart of the FACES of Pride show at UBU, 824 W. Capitol,(501) 375-8580. Sponsored by Little Rock Pride Committee. Suggested donation of $5.00 will be accepted at the door.

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