Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Everything is Everything in 2007

Just when I thought the world was going to hell in a hand basket, I realized that the basket still had room for more news, videos, updates and stuff that will make you just shake your head in disgust. So without further ado, get ready for Everything is Everything....

Coming Soon: Here we grow again! The countdown has begun on the launching of our new companion site, CorneliusOnPoint.com. Within the next few days we will continiue giving you more of what you've been looking for in the Arkansas GLBT community and beyond. Stay tuned...!!

Capitol Watch: Yes, they are at it again, wild eyed proponents (and their supporters) of finding a measure to keep gays from being foster parents have proposed Senate Bill ( SB 959) that will be debated this week. Arkansas' Supreme Court found the policy to be unconstitutional some 2 years ago. Obviously, these individuals feel that a "legislated measure" could hold water in sure to happen court challenges. Also, Senate Bill 264, creating Hate Crime Penalites is on the table. Contact your elected officials at 501.682-2902 Voice your opinion Today!

Yahoo Groups Mushroom: Locally many organizations such as DSRA, Little Rock Pride and now Arkansas Equality are opting to form Yahoo Groups for internal communication and discussions of vital issues directly afffecting the GLBTQ community. These groups can play a significant role in circulating the news, stimulating dialouge and action alerts. Thusly I have joined many of these groups as a part of our stratergy to build a statewide network via this developing forum. Watch for links to these groups to be posted soon.

PRIDE O7: The Capitol Pride committee has selected this year's pride logo (pictured above) and is preparing for local fundraising events such as Pride Idol, May 25, at Easy Street. The Board of Directors report that booth reservations are now available, sponsors are being sought to underwrite and voluteers needed for the event being held June 3, 2007 at the Rivermarket Pavillions. Forms, Details and Updates can be found at there web connection:
http://www.lrcpride.org In a side note, local bar owners will be meeting in Mid-April to plan there 07 Pride actvities, promising an event filled week to compliment local offerings. Also, according to organizers plans are underway for the Annual Conway Pride parade and showcase.

Stonewall Re-groups: The Stonewall Democrats of Arkansas executive committee has announced it's official caucus desgination in the Arkansas Democratic Party on it's website at www.stonewallarkansas.com and in a E-mail blast to members. Members will participate in a March 17, legislative luncheon. The organization is seeking volunteers, event planners and members. Need more membership information contact them directly at stonewallarkansastreasurer@gmail.com

Reels in the Rock: Save the date March 10 for more Community Awareness Programming with the Documentary "Soulmate," at the Statehouse Convention Center. Contact the AAF at 501.376.6544 for show times. Over at the Market Street Theatre the Civil Rights Film Festival will feature a marathon of films related to the civil rights era. Tickets can be obtained at the Central High Historical Kiosk at 2125 Daisy Bates Drive or call 501.374.1957 Both Events are Free to the public.

Pink AWOL: Questions are still being bandied around as to the state of the Pink Spectrum alternative magazine and it's future. For the record, I've made several attempts to contact the publishers but have had no response. I have heard unsubstantiated theories, speculations and stories circulating throughout the community. None of which don't add to the overall support the magazine was seeking or needed in a city of this size with no viable print media outlets . Publishing is a tricky at best especially in the context of the GLBT community. The magazine was in a growth phase and was harshly lambasted by critics and naysayers for it's shortcomings and editoral direction. However, as a publisher I understand the day to day grind that it takes to produce your product, to believe in your mission and finding the resources and revenues necessary to continue. Ultimately for myself, it's my unbridled passion that keeps me going, not just a means to make a profit. It's a tough game and only the strong will survive.

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Joe L said...

The organizers of Capital Pride very much appreciate your help in promoting our events, but I do need to point out that our website is lrcpride.org not littlerockpride.com which is a separate entity altogether.