Tuesday, March 20, 2007

What's the frequency...?

More Kudos and "attaboy" acknowledgements keep coming our way, as readers find their way to me in person and through E-mails stating that this site is accomplishing our mission as an online destination for the Arkansas GLBTQ community and beyond. The encouraging response thus far reaffirms my committment to continuing the growth and expansion of the CorneliusOnpoint brand into socially conscious ventures, events and projects. Another reader summed it up with the words, " you can take this project to where ever your imagination leads you." And so we will...

What's the Frequency...Shirley Q. Liquor

The antics of Charles Knipp and his traveling minstral show has been condemed and shut down in venues from the West Coast to New England, yet this show keeps finding audiences, including Hot Springs, Arkansas. This dastardly production meandered it's way to Jester's, June 9, 2006, with publicity that stated, "Jester's Proudly Presents...Shirley Q. Liquor" Often I don't find my self speechless, but I was dumbfounded. As I began canvassing individuals about this insipid mess, I encountered a chorus of resistance and ambivalence. Many of which couldn't comprehend why this show wasn't distatseful across the board. I was deeply troubled that a large faction of mostly local gay men refused to comprehend the insensitivity, degradation of Black women and the completely offensive nature of this entertainment choice. Many had seen this show live in New Orleans, excerpts on YouTube, or Mr. Knipp's website, each finding it's content although bawdy but acceptable. More surprisingly was the deafining reaction from a locally complacent African American community, which seemed clueless and unaffected. One of our formidable readers reacted with frank candor concerning this matter, laying the issue at the feet of the gay community overall. He stated that "the queer community should be cutting off the monetary life line to this gay bar." Furthermore, and I agree, that entertainers such as impersonators and groups such as the Mob Kings scheduled for 3.24.07, shouldn't perform at this venue. Unfortunately, this type of unity or depth is non-existent among "do-or-die" performers with limited outlets and resources. I've experienced it first hand as a entertainer who was subjected to character assassination with unsubstantiated allegations. Many local impersonators whispered to me their disatisfaction at the unfair actions but never considered a pageant boycott in the name of personal integrity or forthright competition. Even more glaring, is the lack of acuteness of the Arkansas AIDS Foundation, considering it's interm Executive Director is a African American women, would accept benefit cash from this outfit that's also owned by a women! In full disclosure I didn't attend the benefit nor have I performed at this bar and have taken the position that my dollars will speak for me by not patronizing this establishment or others with questionable practices. My mantra of "you've got to stand for something or you will fall for anything.." is in full affect. Ultimately, the question of What's the frequency...? is all about either tuning in to the conundrums of our complex issues or either tuning out the obligations of challenging oppression, diversity and discrimination. The choice is yours.
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