Friday, March 23, 2007

The 24/7 Catch Up under the Big Top

March Madness continues both on and off the court as we continue to spring forward in 2007. As usual we are out on the beat and in search of what's really going on from all corners of the state. So, "gird your loins," as we dive back into the fray with our 24/7 catch up under the big top.

Under the Dome: The state legislature is still in motion as well as Senate Bill 959 which will face off with Judicary committee members. This measure will face a rock and roll ride to passage due to the muscle of the Focus on the Family which has literally raining down letters and calls to represenatives. Perhaps the lack of sponsorship, a waffling Governor and some common sense will cause this inept mess to fail miserably. I must tip my hat to those activist state wide who have put up an impressive and motivated fight with letters, calls, visits and posted video. Meanwhile, HB 2615 proposed by Willie Hardy ( District 5) to establish a HIV/AIDS Minority Task Force passed out of committee on 3.20.07. Supporters of the Bill wanted to comment on my lackluster appreciation for yet another committee to address the AIDS dilemma. One reader informed me that this measure would help to "empower" and assist with discriminatory practices. Another reader further explained the origins of the bill which evolved from the Citizens First Congress platform per Future Builders, an organization charged with doing HIV/AIDS prevention work. I read HB 2615 and on the surface it's intentions are worthy, however, the caveats included have all been either done or tried more than once, by a host of other task forces, groups and organizations. Does anyone remember, Save Our Children, Positive Voices, Brotha and Sistas, or Minority Task Force #1? I realize that the battle of intervention/prevention is tirelessly ongoing and fresh horses are needed to continue the work. But inconsistency, skewed measurements of success, and leadership vaccums have been the hallmarks of such factions, each resulting in wasted resources and negative perceptions from stakeholders and beyond. Despite my reservations, I hope that these 19 folks who will meet quarterly can get with the program and make a difference.

Guilty As Charged: 4 individuals have been found guilty in the brutal "gay bashing" of pop singer, Kevin Aviance last fall. He was brutally attack while leaving an area nightclub on his way home. The 4 shouted slurs as they kicked, punched and threw a trash can on top Aviance. Passing citizens shouted at the attackers and one individuals assisted getting him to the hospital.
Aviance, 39, has been a chart topping cross dressing artist in 2002 and 2004. He is expected to fully recover from his broken jaw and other injuries.

Ask A Gay Man: YouTube self made star, William Sledd of Kentucky, just wants to have fun according to his web site, Sledd is a one of the sites most watched videos as he camps out on his Fashion Updates and Such. "I love you bitches," is his biting tag line as he greets his consider audience and lampoons those of the fashion challenged set. He hopes to guest host on The View or his own gab fest.

2 Years Old: Sidetracks, in an announcement sent via E-mail will be celebrating it's 2nd Anniversary on April 6. Owners state that this year will be bigger and better that last year. The club has been a bustling hub of events including the upcoming free Business AfterHours networking event on April 12 , 5:30-7:30 p.m. A free mini-buffet, cash bar and fun will fill the evening mixer. Come out and tell everyone what your business is all about. For info on your business participating leave us your comments here or direct at

Beefcake Anyone: Male Revue, MANTASIA, will roll into The Factory nightclub, April 7 at 10 p.m. for a one night only bump and grind show. For ticket info contact 501.442.5423

Lesbian Notions: Palm Springs will come alive with The Dinah, an annual lesbian spring break, March 28- April 1. The event intersects with the PGA Dinah Shore golf tourney and will feature A List entertainers such as Sarah Bernhard, Paula Poundstone and India.Arie, plus the White Diamonds circut party and L Word Pool blowout. Pack your bags and get the 411 at Organizers promise that it will be pussy galore!

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