Saturday, March 17, 2007

Cyberland in Overdrive

Many years ago, Billy Joel had a popular hit entitled, "Pressure." It was a salute to the craziness of the world before the onslaught of laptops, 300 channel offerings, 24/7 news hours, camera phones and the now ubiquitous blogs that permeate the internet. When I started this project, I had no particular vision for it or felt that it could make an impact anywhere except in my ego. However, as this digital medium has grown across the board, so have the responsibilities of timeliness, credibility and the unilateral coverage of a community wrought with a host of agendas as well as perceptions. Unfortuantely, gay print media in Little Rock hasn't been overly successful due it's expensive nature, spotty support and the grind to produce a worthy product. I fully understand that pressure because since our inception, our postings have grown from once a month to almost daily without positive Ad revenue streams. Thusly at this pace and our best intentions, it's possible for hiccups and misprints to escape proofing or editing. Neverthless, we remain committed to keeping it real and getting it right without succumbing to the pressures that have been detrimental to the success of past print outlets.

SB 959 Lives On: The foster care bill SB 959 lives on and is slated to be heard in a House committee. The issue is being hotly discussed and widely circulated on the net via YouTube with actual debate video, coverage from the HRC's Equally Speaking and activist in NWArkansas had a phone-a thon to area voters. I have posted my e-mail to lawmakers and will make those important phone calls. Contact the Gov. Beebe at 501.682.2345 or go to Check your voter registration card for you House Rep or online at the Arkansas Legislature site:

SQL Returns: Gay comedian/actor, Charles Knipp is purportedly scheduled to perform his Shirley Q.Liquor act at Jesters in Hot Springs, April 13-14. This act has been denounced nationwide with protest and cancellations. Knipp who is white, is costumed in "black face" and presents himself as an obese, uneducated black women. The last time this show came through the Springs, I sent a letter to the local newspaper and posted my dismay in this blog. Sources within the bar have spilled the beans that customers to the lounge have tired of Drag shows and the bar has desperately sought entertainment alternatives to bolster business. I realize that businesses need spectacles that attract, but condoning this attraction needs a healthy dose of thought. In the past, bar's brought in big name entertainment, such as Divine, Sylvester, Melba Moore and others. But the cost of this type of venture has increased and the solid support needed is not always there. I just hope that the energy that's been created about SB 959 will find it's way to the owner of Jester's about this distasteful production.

Cock Gear Anyone!: According to a New Zealand study published last November, uncircumcised men suffered 48 percent more sexually-transmitted infections, sores and inflammation that could be portals for HIV. This news is just the tip of action that has increased interest in circumcision and the growing self help gadget industry sprouting globally. Enter the Tara Klamp developed by the Malaysian government in 1993. Designed to assure sterility, covering glans and shaft in scalpel-proof armor, and compressing the wound until the penis heals, minimizing infection. There are many other devices in the works such as Turkish Kirve Klamp, the Good Man CDS-8 and Singapore's Pro Device. These creations are juxtaposed to three randomly-controlled studies in South Africa, Kenya and Uganda with 11,000 participants who showed that being circumcised reduced the rate of seroconversion for men an average of nearly 65 percent.

Lavender University: Kudos go out to the Memphis Gay and Lesbian Community Center for establishing a series of educational opportunities dealing with a range of live changing events. The courses cover from financial planning , estate developing to photography. For more info go there web site: Sounds like something Little Rock could use?

Bootilicious & U: The Little Rock Free Press has announced a Great Rump showcase to be featured on the pages of the monthly alternative. The contest is open to Men only who want display their cheeks to the world for judging. According to the staff, a collage of beefy bottoms will fill the April issue. The deadline for entries is 3.25.07 Enter your derriere only (no frontal nudity will be permitted) at

Ouestion of the Day: Sometimes I'm still speechless at the questions that I hear daily. Such as, "Why doesn't Little Rock have this or that?" Well Little Rock has a variety of positives to enjoy, depending on your taste and budget. Unfortunately, we dont' have bath houses or more club choices, due to the fact that these upstarts would not be economically viable within the context of demand or the hassle of zoning issues. Other cities have business clusters, once known as "Gay Ghettos," patronized by consumers with considerable amounts of disposable income and buying power. In short, it's all about the Benjamins, baby!


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