Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Reality Bites with a Deal or No Deal attitude!

The action on Senate Bill 959 is another glaring measure of our elected officials not dealing in reality but rather swayed by gay baiting and the "save the children" hysteria from proposed family groups. The swift efforts from community activist, as well as supporters were admirable, as they swung into action with E-mails, E-Alerts, Talking Points, Op Ed's and updates that filled my in-box and beyond. But, despite all these efforts, this legislation continues to live, sent to a House committee for further consideration, most likely will pass and on to Gov. Bebee for a signature. Ultimately we must evaluate our community "state of response" to issues such as this and others to come. Interestingly, Casey Willits, moderator of Arkansas Equality/ Yahoo group, piqued my interest as she revisited the dilemma of an "organization" that could effectively tackle issues of this nature when they arise. She sounded off on the hodge podge of groups seemingly working toward the same goals but in uncoordinated fashion, resulting in a lack of cohesiveness or solidarity. Point well taken, Ms. Willits. This issues has been addressed numerous times including my recent contribution to the CAR's, Velocity,( January 2007 Issue 008), in which I highlight that our lack of firm infrastructure and funding streams are distinct barriers to combatting these well heeled and connected zealots. Ultimately, we can't keep showing up as a bucket brigade, but instead need to make sure that we have a fully equipped firehouse to douse the flames of legislated discrimination and morality.

Did your Senator vote for this Bill? Go to and find out. Call the Governor Office's at 501.682.2902 to express yourself. Backtalk to and tell em you heard it here.

Paces's Picante Statements: Chief Joint Chairman, Peter Pace minced no words about his attitude about the U.S Armed forces policy of Don't Ask- Don't Tell and his moral standing about homosexuals in general. His opinionated stance is grounded in his whitebread upbringing and teachings. Apparently Mr. Pace, don't know none of those homo's and believes them folks on there way to hell as far he's concern. However, the chariman later somewhat back peddled after he got a talkin too from the main shot caller, Secretary of Defense Gray, who wanted no shooting from the hip, instead nothing but just policy.

Pride Update: In a previous post two local entities were somehow fused in my mind and ended up posted incorrectly. To set the record straight, is website featuring community profiles and is the website for the Little Rock Pride committee which is preparing for this year's events. The committee has announced two confirmed events, Pride-Drag Idol, 4/29 at Backstreet and Pride-Idol, 5/25 at The Factory. Also the Mob Kings will be a featured festival act, June 3 at the Rivermarket Pavillions.

Rubbing the Blarney: St.Patricks Day activities fill the weekend at Sidetracks with the Leprechauns Pot Of Gold combination tickets being given away on Friday night ( March 16), a Noon opening on Saturday( March 17) with the traditional "Green Beer" as the St.Patricks Day Parade passes in front of it's doors and opening of the Pot of Gold later that evening.

Evangelical Love Nest: Mike Jones and Ted Haggard's love nest is being auctioned on Ebay with the proceeds going to the Project Angel Heart, an HIV/AIDS/Cancer agency. Jones said
the imfamous 10 year old "massage table," could be autographed by himself along with a copy of his forthcoming book,"I had to say Something." Sources state the the book will reaccount the entire affair especially, Haggard's passionate fellatio sessions offset by a meth high for affect. Bids have topped $860.00 as of this posting and may exceed expectations. Haggard reportedly has been "cured" of his homo tendecies after a three week rehab, will resume his life with his wife and seek educational pursuits.

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Anonymous said...

You have linked as which does not exist. Also, does more than post profiles. ;)

Joe L said...

Please note that the number for the Governor's office is 501.682.2345 (the number referenced in this post was for the Arkansas Senate). The contact in the Governor's office is Frank Scott and he told me this morning that they are getting many calls on this matter--- Let's make sure that OUR voices are being heard!