Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Jump Shot Tuesday

I got this interesting e-clip in my box that warranted sharing with all of you in leiu of the recent same-sex marriage fallout in California. You'd have to have been in a cave not to hear the shoe dropping news that Cali's Supreme court had pronounced that GLBTQ members couldn't be denied the right to marriage based on their findings. It's was like a shot heard around the world and back. Talk favorite, Ellen, didn't miss the opportunity for some ratings, not to mention wall to wall coverage of her impending nuptial announcement. Publically stating that she's ready for the alter with her LTC, Porshia De Rossi. In the meantime, this short article from one of our online favs, Equality Fourm, is a heartwarming side note that love can be everlasting as well as enduring. Are there any local realtionships that can come close this, if so let us know. I'm still working on it, with or without the ceremony.

Through the Test of time: Del Martin and Phyllis Lyons met in 1952 and have been together ever since. On February 12, 2004, Del and Phyllis were the first couple to be married in San Francisco. Mayor Gavin Newsom officiated. Shortly thereafter, an appellate court invalidated their marriage because under California law only a man and a woman can marry.

Del and Phyllis were among the plaintiffs that challenged that definition. On May 15, 2008, the California Supreme Court held that the prohibition against same-sex marriage is unconstitutional.

The groundwork for Del and Phyllis to marry began sixty years ago when 40 states had criminal laws that prohibited whites and blacks from marrying. These miscegenation laws were routinely upheld by state and federal courts. In 1948, the first of these laws was struck down by the California Supreme Court. It was the first appellate opinion to affirm marriage equality.

There are few more fundamental freedoms than the right of each citizen to choose the life partner of his/her choice and to have society treat that relationship and their children with equality. Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon will be the first couple to be married with equal rights and responsibilities pursuant to the California Supreme Court's decision. It took 56 years
Getting your Vote ON!: Just in case you've missed all of our other post about May 20, then here's one more for ya. Today's the day when you need to cast you ballot at your local polling unit for the candidate of your choice. Yes, it's today, now go before 7 p.m. and show some pride by particpating in the political process that many died and fought to have!

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Craig Wenzl said...

Thanks for posting this. Hopefully, lots of Arkansas couples will come to California to get married before November. Unlike in Massachusetts, there is NO residency requirement for couples to get married in California... ANYWHERE in California. You can go to L.A., San Francisco, Fresno, Monterey... even Salinas if you wanted to, and GET MARRIED. It won't be "recognized" in most states, but it's a start. The more couples that get married, the MORE POWER WE HAVE for the future in overturning ALL anti-gay marriage amendments here in the USA. While I'm here in Little Rock, I'm encouraging couples to go get married in California! So, when I return home to San Francisco next month, I am hoping to see some gay/lesbian Arkansans there getting married. :-)