Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Oh can you see & more...

Can you hear me now...Well, can you... Of course we're not quite up to snuff like that cell phone company with that supposedly enormous team that keeps you connected. But we damn well try our best to keep you updated with the latest information, commentaries, video, podcast, opinion pieces and sometimes just plain old stuff. When I'm sitting in the big chair, however, today I'm utilizing my patio outpost for a change of scenery, as I give it to you straight from all spectrum's of the rainbow and beyond. So get the beverage of your choice, sit up and let's bounce into "Oh can you see & more..."

Election Watch: The ballots have been cast, the signs are still out and the winners and losers have been announced. It's the mid-year 08 campaign cycle that decided some of the movers and shakers in our electorate. Congrats to Joyce Elliot in District 33 for State Senator. She beat out long time incumbent I.H. Brown who this year discovered me as a voter. I was totally surprised at how Mrs. Brown at this time seemed to value my vote. Her campaign literally blew up my cell phone with Robo calls. (those pesky automated voice calls asking for your vote...) Furthermore, I got mail from Brown touting her accomplishments and such, when I don't recall getting any progress reports from her during her entire tenure as my supposedly Representative. Oh well, I guess she thought that it was time to let me know that she really needed my vote this time. Unfortunately, too much talk, too late. I applaud all Mrs. Brown's efforts while she served. I will never forget her calming tone amidst a distracted committee meeting when I testified before a legislative committee which was discussing a measure to "stem the tide of homosexuality" on state campuses proposed by then Representative Travis Dowd. Thanks Mrs. Brown, good luck and please stay in touch.

Run Offs and You: It's not over just yet people! Our system of voting keeps taunting us even when we think we've had enough. Yes, it's call the run-off election with community notables, Gary Sullivan for Environmental Court Division 3 and Alice Lightle for Division 1 judgeship. So, you will need to exercise your right to vote again to help decide these important races. Watch this site for more info.

Run Hillary, Run: O.K. it's official, Hillary now get's the "And I telling you..I'm not going," award from her predecessor Mike Huckabee. She said that she was in it to win it, but it appears that she's not gonna win it but will will win the endurance record as a presidential candidate. You go girl! I know that you must be tired to stump speeches, pants suits, shots, hand shaking, baby kissing, and all these folks that you've got to try to convince that you're a winner. What's so amazing it that she's still winning states with large turn outs, even though we keep hearing that it's all over but the shouting. What's up with that? Ultimately, I just don't know where she gets the energy or chutzpah to keep going. Surely my measly donation didn't make the difference, but I appreciated the "thank you note" I got. Maybe I'll send in a few more dollars as a vote for staying power. I think that here new campaign song, should be Donna Summers' latest, STOMP. If you've haven't heard it, click on our side bar to get a taste. If Clinton doesn't take it, then I'm poised to adopt it anytime. All I can say is, "Run Hillary, Run!

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