Monday, May 26, 2008

Rough and Ready for the taking...

It's over! The Memorial Day weekend filled with patriotism, food, frolic, fodder and festivities galore. Even though I heard a few folks complain about those ever rising gas prices, I kept seeing the Hummers, Hummer Jr.'s Expeditions, Escalades and maxed out/tricked out trucks still rolling well past the speed limit. I know this for fact because many of you were out distancing me by miles as I stayed within the speed limit to maximize my usage. Anyway, here we are, getting ready for the onslaught of summer madness 08 as we try to figure out just high will dem gas prices go? There's got to be a tipping point, but I'm not exactly sure where it is or what my attitude will be about it. In the meantime, life goes on as well as this forum's mission to inform, entertain, update, prosnosticate and make pronouncements about what's really going on. So, we are staying on point, not to mention "rough and ready" here in the trenches. Let's go get em...

Familiy blogging 08: In leiu of the impending initiative that been cleared for the November ballot, I found this intersting twist that may get some participation from some of you and certainly myself. It's the Blogging for LGBT Families Day will take place again this year between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, to honor both but also to indicate that not all families fit the traditional model of one mother and one father. The event will be on June 2nd this year, not the 1st as in the past, because the 1st falls on a Sunday, a low-traffic day in the blogosphere.
Contribute a post and join the celebration and the outreach. Any blogger who wants to support LGBT families is welcome, LGBT or not, parent or not. I encourage those who don’t usually post about LGBT families or LGBT issues, as well as those for whom every day is Blogging for LGBT Families Day. Give it a spin based on your usual blog topics. There’s no set formula or format. Photos and videos are also welcome. (Post them on your own site, however; don’t e-mail them to me.)
The list of last year’s contributions is still online for your perusal.
Please also download a banner and promote the event on your site. The more people who participate, the more impact our voices will have.
After that:
Blog on a topic related to LGBT families on or before June 2, 2008.
Leave a comment on this post, or send an e-mail to with the permalink to your post. (If you know how, you may also add the tag “blogging for lgbt families day” to your entry.)
If you only post on Facebook or MySpace, you may also add me, Dana Rudolph, as a friend to notify me of your post. (Here’s my Facebook page and my MySpace page. If you do a search for my name, though, make sure to look for the event banner image, as there are multiple Dana Rudolphs.) If you do have a regular blog, I much prefer that you post there, since then your post will be readable even by those who don’t have Facebook or MySpace accounts—and the whole point here is to share our posts.
I’ll compile the posts and highlight them here on June 2. Come back and read the stories and insights of our community and allies. So, readers, let's hear from you either here or send us a link to where you are having your say.

AIDS Walking: In case you've missed out prior posting, here's a another shout out about AAF's (Arkansas AIDS Foundation) AIDS Walk fundraiser, May 30 at Jester's, Hot Springs, AR. The evening will feature hostesses, Cherity and Miranda Meridian, Miss Arkansas US of A At Large as well as a galaxy of stars and starletts. It goes down around "drag time,"(10 p.m.) and will go on until the last heel drops. According to an e-blast from coordinator Brian, "all proceeds will go directly to the Arkansas AIDS walk. If your unable to come to the benefit this Friday at Jesters you can donate via the website; And if we don't see you at the fundraiser at Jesters in Hot Springs, Stephanos Fine Art Gallery in the heights will host an early registration on 6-7-08 in front of the Gallery itself. Registration is $10.00 which includes one of our original designed AIDS Walk T-Shirts, a day full of events, eating, walking, enjoying live entertainment and our traditional balloon release to honor those who have gone on before us, those that still continue to struggle with the disease and those affected by this disease. Walk with us as we continue to strive for a cure..... So there you have it, another plug from Arkansas' Online destination in the continuing outreach about HIV/AIDS in Arkansas.

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