Thursday, May 15, 2008

You bet your bottom dollar...

Welcome back if you are a regular reader and Welcome! if you happened to stumble upon us, got a forward, seen our e-blast post or some how this forum ended up on your radar screen for some unknown reason. I'm glad that you are here to view Arkansas' online destination for commentary, video, updates, and so much more for the GLBTQ community and beyond. In this post we're doing a 360 as I call it like it like I see in you can bet your bottom dollar.

Election Watch: How can I compete with the 24/7 news cycle that beats us to death with wall to wall coverage of anything "political" from any talking head that has a viewpoint. I've tried to spread out my coverage throughout my postings, all the while giving you a break, at least here anyway. I've listed those Early vote sites, mentioned candidates, encouraged your participation, chronicled my own particpation in the process and today I'm endorsing a few candidates that have the some of the most effective campaign slogans, materials or commercials.

Great TV spot: Cathi Compton's spot featuring her daughter whom "hijack" the ad is too cute. I love the fact that the daughters decide that "mom's" take on how to get the vote is just to serious, so they do a cool re-do to citing the fun vs. serious mom approach. If you haven't seen, it just makes you want to know more are candidate Compton who is seeking the 6th Judicial Circut juvenile judge seat.

All Star 4 Color Candidate: This nod goes to Joyce Ellliot, who spared no expense with her snappy 4 color postcards featuring her smiling face and plowed with all the credential that you can get on a piece of mail. I've met Ms. Elliot, whom I found approachable and seems prepared to go back to the Legislature to do battle for the people. She talks about "Change" which seems to be the catch phrase for this election cycle. She's running hard against Irma H. Brown for Senate, District 33 who recently discovered that I was a regular voter. Unfortunately, the mail I got from Mrs. Brown wasn't so impressive and seemed a bit on the cheap. I was a surprised that seasoned candidate like Brown could step to plate with a little color pizazz. But, I guess she had to save some dollars for those "robo" calls to my cell phone.

Serious I Am Ad: Wendell Griffen's ad gets my vote for the "I'm so serious" radio ad that minces no words when talking about his oppents for court of appeals seat. The colorful Mr, Griffen has made headlines for his rhetoric and stance on what he can say and where he can say it lawsuits. I've also met Mr. G many times as well as heard his sermons ( yes, he's a minister too) and I have no doubt about his abilities to deal with the matters of the appeals court hands down.

I've got Yard Signs for ya!: I don't know about you, but I was crusing about town when I saw "multiplying" yard signs reaching for blocks along Chenal Parkway for Gary Sullivan, who is vying for the enviromental court position. I guess if Mr. Sullivan wanted to get your attention, then it worked. Because then I began see his signage poping up like mushrooms all over the place. Mr. Sullivan appeared before the Stonewall Democratic club a few months ago seeking support and outling his program for the court. As a good prospect for the "environmental " court, I just hope that someone in his campaign will pick up all these signs after he wins the seat.

Don't forget to VOTE, May 20, 2008!

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