Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Spining the Big Wheel..Part 2

Are you ready? It's time to spin the big wheel of info to see what falls out of the hat or rather my e-box. Even though I get lots of mail, believe me it's never enough. Can you believe that? Yes, it's true, because I flow through a plethora of information which forms the basis of this forum. So, if you got mail, a point of view, tidbits & secrets, observations or just plain old stuff, we're interested. As we've heard before, "it takes a village...blah, blah, blah..." If you don't have an item, then take a minute to share our forum by forwarding our post. I am in audience building mode and would like to be able to firmly establish some stats to determine the future of this venture. With all that said, let's get that wheel spinning and spewing....

Help Wanted: Looking for a J-O-B? Well, I was intrigued by a few listing on the Sidetracks Yahoo group which had some posting for area employment opportunities. I've always encouraged the GLBTQ community to harness the power of this medium for more effective pursuits than those casual encounters and such. On other area sites, there are least four to date, I've also seen a variety of "self help" items, voter info and empowerment notices. Of course, I've been at the forefront for over 3 years by producing Arkansas' only daily based GLBTQ online blog featuring video and podcasting. Let's all get the hook up and get internet savvy to continue the outreach!

Floating in Conway: CAR's( Center of Artistic Revolution) youth and young adult program DYSC (Diverse Youth for Social Change) is planning on participating in the upcoming Conway Pride Parade and Festival on June 22nd. It seems that they would like to create a float for the parade and is search for a trailer. Does anyone have a trailer or know of one we can borrow for this event? The group would construct the components for the float, transport them and assemble the float in Conway day of the parade. If you have a lead for us please email artchangesu@yahoo.com or call the office at 501-244-9690 CAR’s work is creating progressive movement building that facilitates opportunities for individuals and communities to create change for a just and peaceful society that respects the value of all people and provides equitable access to civil rights, a democratic process and economical and environmental justice.

Yippee Ki-ay DSRA: In case you missed my last outing about the DSRA Rodeo Benefit Show being held May 31, here it is again for your consideration. This fun evening will take place at the DSRA Clubhouse on Hoffman Road Doors Open at 7:00 PM Show starts PROMPTLY at 9:00 PM ( yes, that's what he said!) Diamond Rose (pictured), MISS DSRA 2008-2009 will be your Hostess and MC. Proceeds are being collected in preparation for their next Rodeo in the Rock event. If you get a chance check it out, it's usally a hoot!

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