Thursday, July 24, 2008

Movin and Groovin in COP land

It's fast and furious in my cyberspace this week and I hope all of you are ready for our COP express posts from the road and more. Here I go again into overdrive, so buckle up and brace yourselves!

And Were Off: It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's just COP 24/7 on the loose in
St.Louis at the 28th NABWMT( National Association of Black and White Men Together) conference. O.K., you've never heard of this organization and certainly never entertained the thought of attending a convention. Well here's the beginning of the who, what, when and where of my latest adventure. It all began with a serious delay in my transportion choice of Amtrack leaving 7/24/08. I had never been on a train trip, acting on the premise from a recely read travel account not mention my new "Bucket List," Futhermore would'nt this would add more color to my trip? Boy was I on target about that one. Let's just say that the "crown" wasn't amused at leaving Central City at 2:45 AM even though the train was scheduled to leave at 11:30 p.m. Only later to learn from an ever so apologetic conductor that there would be another additional delay, due to Frieght traffic and Weather causing us to arrive in St. Louis around Noon but scheduled at 7:30 AM. Yet, even with all this tricky travel shigity, I must say that the ride was still pleasantly smooth as well as comfortable. I truly enjoyed the leg room, electircal outlets and comfy seat but wished there had been some Wi-fi or an easy cell signal. Of course, you can't have everything now can you. In that article, the writer stated that upon riding Amtrack you get to see America's backyards and then some. Yes, it's true and many of those backyards are filled with either the excesses of consumerism or it's wicked step sister, Trashy Stockpile. Why some folks collect crap that they use or never intend to use is simply mind boggling. Neverthless, as I gazed out my panoramic window I still marveled at the varying hues of the different landscapes either carved from hillsides or filling sweeping valleys. Ultimately, I wondered if people still waved at train riders similar to days gone by, and I'm happy to report that they still do. For the record, I truly enjoyed the pleasure of waving back.

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