Thursday, July 31, 2008

Spinning the Big COP Wheel & More

What can I say! There's often so much more news than I can contain in a daily posting, however, as many of you know, I believe in keeping it fast and furious but always on point. Today's outing is no different and I'm ready to spin the big COP wheel & more...Let's go get em!

Under the Crown: The Annual Miss Gay Arkansas America pageant will be held Aug. 1-3 at the Discovery complex beginning at Midnight with Sunday finals at 9 p.m.. Alexis LaRue MGAA 2007 will relinquish the crown to qualified contestants representing various statewide preliminaries. I've attended this contest previously and the competition is some of the best around. If you've never had a chance to see this spectacle, then check it out. Special Guest will be Miss Gay America 2008, Maikaila Kay and many of the MGA Alumni. For more info click it to their web site: www.

People Helpin People: In lieu of the recent tragic death of James Anderson, partner to Brian Cook aka "Cherity," there will be a fundraising effort August 16, 9 p.m. at DSRA to show our support. According to organizer Diamond Rose, those donating their talents are as follows: Diamond Rose, Mary-Kay Arden, Zia Dior, Dan Scott, Miranda Meridian, Cassaundra Manchester, Lana Reeves, Gigi Galore, Dusty West, Chuck, Diva, Champane, Tion, Charnay,and Marvela. I'm encouraging you to show your support for the cause as well as another chance to catch me in my alter ego persona.

Bears in Undergear: The Bear Underwear gathering is just around the corner, August 9 in Little Rock. the E-blast I got stated that, "everyone is encouraged to get with the theme of the gathering and strip down to your underwear at the door". Clothing bags are provided. All types of underwear are acceptable.. .(brief, boxers, jocks, leather). No dress code will be enforced. If you are not comfortable in just your undies, that's cool, just wear whatever is comfortable for you. Doors open at 9pm and close when the last Bear and Cub leave. This is a private gathering by the Diamond State Bears; all Bears, Cubs, Otters (and those who like them!) are welcome. For more info, go to our website www.diamondstatebea Or contact Michael at I'm not sure If I'll be attending even though I've got some very cute undergear but if you do and want to share the who, what, or why of what you saw, then do so.

Pride in the City: I've gotten no word as yet as to the outcomes of the recent Capital Pride attempt to regroup with board elections, 7/26/08. Nor, was there a response to our challenge concerning a 50/50 participation. If you don't remember, I stated that if 50 people showed their support with a $50.00 cash donation during the meeting, this forum would throw a fundraiser at our expense. In full disclosure, I was out of town and couldn't attend. But so far, I've gotten, "crickets" which translates into "Silence." However, if you missed the meeting or my posting yet still have an interest try contacting: We'll keep you posted.

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