Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Talking Out Loud in the Heat... Part Two

Holy Hot Cross Buns! It's hot out their and certainly in here! Summer is in full sizzle and I've always liked things "sizzilin hot!" I'm back in the big chair fresh from our daily coverage of the NABWMT convention in the STL last week. I hope that you enjoyed our postings and perhaps discovered a newly minted nugget of info or thought jarring fact that helped open you mind to new concepts and opportunities. All my efforts in this medium are rooted in our mission pillars of empower, educate and infotainment for the GLBTQ community and beyond. With all that said, let's go get em in the heat....

In Memorandum: I wanted to share an updated on the recent passing of James Anderson whom was an ardent supporter of the GLBTQ community and participated across the board. Today, his memorial services will be held at the Pulaski Heights United Methodist Church at 6 p.m. His partner,Brian Cook is encouraging lasting memorials to be sent to the Arkansas AIDS Foundation.(http://www.araidsfoundation.org/) Also, Brian announced a celebration home going to be held at his residence in honor of James.(to secure privacy- directions and details are available if you contact this forum.) There will also a fundraiser held on August 16 at the DSRA featuring area personalities donating all proceeds to offset expenses incurred by the family. I'll be taking another spin as my alter ego and I expect to see all of you there giving freely.

LRBP TAKE 2: Just before I departed last week, I started an overview of the Southern Comfort-Black Pride event held July 18-20. I spoke about the aggressive schedule and the ghost funding to support it. Not to mention some activities not taking place as announced such as the pool party.( I've learned that this has happened more than once with this outfit.) I was further chagrined at the levels of agitated individuals whom responded with violent threats at the Sunday Picnic. Allegedly some say that "shots may have been fired," however, I could'nt substantiate that account. Unfortunately, personally I did'nt sense a welcoming feeling when I arrived, which cause me to make an abrupt exit. Later, I wondered out loud to myself has it come down to this, where I'm so removed that being around my so called "own people" has barriers? I'm still mulling this one over. The only "vendor" I observed was a small snow cone truck which I found severely lacking in the face of the enthusiasm of the planning committee. A committee which I never heard from again after meeting with them. This is the second year in which I've attempted to make a connection with my brothers and sister's but got dissed. What's up with that you ask? You'll have to check my next outing for that answer. But, it seems that the organizers were please with the overall turnout for there activities, which I must agree, but I felt that the entire affair lacked substance, didn't appear to be in diversity mode although everyone was invited and I would suggest that they re-evaluate exactly what true "pride" is all about. Personally a show filled with mediocre strippers and such doesn't carry much weight for me. In closing, I love a good party, but I really love a good party with a empowering purpose. Think about it....you have at least 10 months to do so.

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