Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Talking Out Loud: A Re-take

Talk about busy... yes my dear readers, I've once again been burning the candle at both ends during the last week. Yet somehow, I survived it all, while staying in the loop on what's really going on in Central city and beyond. Of course part of what propels me to the "big chair" for every session is many of your acknowledgements of this forums impact as well as "teachable moments" that I post. Thanks to reader "Allan" for your kind words and I look forward to hearing from more of you either through our comment section or in person. If you see me out and about, feel free to share. With all that said, here's Talking out Loud: A Re-take.

Prayerful Thoughts: I want to personally send my prayers to Brian Cook in his time of uncertainty as his partner James finds his recovery path back from a fall. James has been a long time activist and community supporter who "would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it," and Brian serves as the Development Chair for the Arkansas AIDS Foundation. At post time, he is scheduled to be Medi-vaced from a Dallas area hospital to his home here in Little Rock. If you have words of encouragement please feel free to post them here. As updates are available, I will post them.

Black Pride in the City: How many of you attended any of the scheduled events? Well, I confess that I missed out on some of them and discovered that others didn't even take place? Overall, most of those who participated considered it a success, however, I was rather bemused by the whole affair. Post congrats go to Diamond Kelly and Miss Courtney as the "Taste the Rainbow" pageant winners despite the minimal participation. As I surveyed, there were visitors from around the state, but apparently not enough whom wanted to fork over the cost of a room, therefore this outing actually didn't warrant a host hotel. This type of poor showing will circulate among hoteliers and most likely they will encounter future resistance with hefty financial commitments. I was invited to attend a planning meeting with promise, even though I chided the organizers about this ambitious project which I felt was being planned in a ghostly manner. That means, lots of possibilities without much bona fide substance. Meanwhile, I never found out who the out of town "headliners" were going to be, however, due to the lateness of the show( this 2 am business is a bit much for me) I refrained from attending. But supposedly there were to be "strippers and such." If you ask me, did they consider this a pillar of pride? Another faux pax was the alleged Pool Party, that never happened. As I understand this is not the first year for this little mishap where events such as this are hyped only not to materialize. This hark ens back to my quip about "big talk" and lack of planning resources. Yes, there's more...including alleged gun shots, fisticuffs, boosting and so much more! But you'll have to catch up in our next post...you don't want to miss out!

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