Monday, May 16, 2011

Spin Out Monday

Nhojj's Artistry Delivers to LGBTQ community and beyond

Every year there are new artist that break out and share there creative force. Nhojj has been a quiet storm that has been swirling in the entertainment vortex over the last decade and his music has en roads to the mainstream.  In the above video entitled "Amazing Grace," the music maker takes the traditional gospel tune and lyrically adds a touching as well as rather spiritually embracing message about marriage equality. Although the video has received mixed reviews commenting on its productions values to those who have questioned the multi-cultural concept portrayed, it has been widely received as forward thinking. An Out Award winning artist, Nhojj's music catalog has a wide range including fusion, neo-soul, stirring ballards to up tempo anthems that he has offered at his many gay pride appearances. Hailing from Trinidad and Guyana, his musical journey has taken him to Europe, Canada and tours across the U.S. On an online bio, he states that he wants his audience to "come into his soul spa and relax. Allow me to caress your mind, body and spirit with sound." If you haven't had a chance to check out his vibe, then you should consider doing so.

Black Lesbians Matter at 2011 Conference

The Zuna Institute has announced August 25-28 2011, at the Disney World Resort as the destination for their upcoming annual convention. Billed as the preeminent assembly of Black Lesbian activist, educators, community organizers and professionals, the conference will feature a weekend filled with opportunities for skill building, networking, and leadership development. Organizers emphasize that the convention will also offer a high visibility platform for participants to share insights on the national LGBTQ community issues either in round table discussion or topic oriented panels. The Zuna Institute released its prominent quantitative study on Black Lesbians entitles, "Black Lesbians Matter." The comprehensive study was conducted in a year long research effort comprising of focus groups, interviews and data gathering. According to their website the report “Black Lesbians Matter,” is an examination of the unique experiences, perspectives, and priorities for the Black Lesbian Community, and has been our most rewarding accomplishment as of yet. The report focuses on five key priorities: Aging, Health, Identity, Family, and Invisibility. We thank all the contributors and funders that made this study come to life.
Francine Ramsey, Executive Director of Zuna Institute says, "This report is the result of year long process, and will lay the foundation for constructive dialog and the creation of an effective collection of strategies that will address the needs of the Black Lesbian community." The report was released in July 2010 and is available for download at   I read the report with intense interest and its subject matter speaks volumes to the many of the barriers, challenges and roadblocks that individuals face within the LGBTQ community as a whole, but also the greater society as well. Its a must read for those wanting expand there knowledge base, especially since the down load is FREE.

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