Saturday, May 21, 2011

Running on Empty

The Summer blaze is burning without any restraint and it's just as hot in this forum as we continue to bust a move with the latest updates, observations, opinions and breaking news. It's all here in COP24/7! Let's break off a piece shall we...

National HIV Testing Day in Arkansas

June 27 is National HIV Testing Day with numerous activities being planned around the country including global corporate citizens such as Walgreen's and Ebony magazine as well as those locally in the HIV/AIDS battle. Even though it seems that I'm always finding the shortcoming's of events, I believe that if you've done it more than once, then after a period of time it should be like riding a bike. You don't get on and forget to paddle to move forward or how to stay on the damn thing. In other words, the local events planned for anything shouldn't have to fall in the same traps each time they are produced. Case in point, I noticed a nicely placed ad/link on Xfinity to the NHTD site which was suppose to give info on all the activities in Arkansas. But after following the link, I discovered that only one activity was listed for this state. Even though I had heard radio spot's to the contrary. Subsequently, I rolled to the Arkansas Minority Health site to discover that neither the NHTD site nor the AMH site were in sync. What if I was an individual seeking testing info, updates or sources? Well, this is the communication stream breakdown that often occurs when these events roll out. Its the frustration that I've heard over and over from community people who state that they can't seem to keep in the loop on what's going on from services to social opportunities. This is the reason that this forum makes every attempt to stay current and keeping you in the information loop. If you are not bookmarked, subscribed or RSS, then you should. We keep bringing you the latest and fastest information that you can read. Keep it locked and loaded to COP:24/7
Check out each of these sites for National HIV AIDS Testing Day activities: or,   Additional information: ,

Bowling For Little Rock

Fitness is becoming more of what many of us should be doing instead of moving our fingers among the keyboards. The area already has a vibrant Kickball entity called the Sidekicks, sponsored by local community supporter, Sidetracks. So can we do more sports, you betcha! Therefore, a local bowling league is being developed and they are now seeking team mates or teams for this effort. All information can be obtained from organizer, Sandy B at Tell er you heard it first.

Diversity Swirl Prepares for Midland Meeting

The fall meeting scheduled October 14-16, 2011 of the Midland Regional wing of the National Association of Black and White Men Together, Inc, will include a Swirl: Diversity in Motion event slated during their Welcome to Little Rock mixer, Friday October 14. The Swirl concept is a multi-cultural, multi-racial social networking soiree that supports the NABWMT mission statement of "fostering supportive environments wherein racial and cultural barriers can be overcome..."  Local organizers are seeking volunteers for a strategy session, fundraising and weekend chaperone's and host. The weekend will include a Saturday morning business meeting, additional programming, city tour and numerous other activities. Online registration is now in full swing. The first 25 registrants will be put in a chance drawing for an Ipad utilizing an online contest from vendor, Regonline that will run through July 31. Early Bird registrations are available for $35 and you can make that move today at  If you are interested in sponsoring, in-kind gifts, contributions or volunteer opportunities hit us up at or call the new hot line at 501.553.6314 Do it TODAY!!!  

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