Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Frames and Footwork

I have to admit it. Getting back into the swing of producing this platform has taken me a few days and It reminded me of exactly what it takes to make it happen. Producing any short or long form of media doesn't just happen, its all about the research, reading and re-writing that brings you this effort. Therefore, as we get with the program, please stick and stay for more of what you've asking for!!

CAR Changes Gears

Kudos and a big high five to the Center for Artistic Revolution with their recent acquisition of additional space for their announced, Lucille M. Hamilton Youth Center which will serve as a focal point for its DYSC programming and other youth oriented activities. ED, R. Romo has been the driving force behind both the inception and continuation of the local group which has addressed a variety of issues ranging from teen suicide to school yard bullying. According to CAR Notes the groups newsletter, they are seeking volunteers, board members and donations both in-kind and cash. If you would like more info contact them at 501.244.9690 and tell em you heard about it here.

Pride Season Approaches

Well, its almost that time again. The yearly exercise to gather together in a symbolic feeling of exuberance about "what have you done today to be proud." Its all about Pride 2011 across the land with websites, e-blast and a dizzying array of activities, events and fundraising. However, with those mega prides being planned elsewhere, I've heard of only a precious few nuggets of some type of effort being tinkered with locally, but following up on those few tidbits have been hard to substantiate. As in previous years the local watering holes will put forth their individual schedules usually containing some of the sameness that I've come to expect such as the "pub crawls to turnabout this or that." Meanwhile, Conway will roll out their 8th annual event June 5, 2011 in Simon Park featuring vendors, entertainers and most likely a sprinkling of those "turn or burn" folks who add a dash of dramatic effect. In Northwest Arkansas, plans are underway to celebrate their 5th anniversary pride June 25, wrapped in the theme "Live and Let Love." Here you will find another pararde filled with colorful participants and Grand Marshall, M. Walsh who was instrumental in the development of domestic partnership issues in Eureka Springs. I salute those tireless volunteers and contributors who put there heart and soul into these gatherings to offer a sense of pride, but after the pomp and circumstances of it all, we must ponder "is that all there is?"  No. Organizations all over the state, especially in Little Rock are dealing with the deadly Non-Profit trinty, "Budgets, Bodies and the Business" of staying viable in a city that has marginal resources and pockets of committed individuals who are attempting to carry the mantle of social justice. Pride parades aside, its the everyday work of defining and assessing our needs in HIV/AIDS prevention, homelessness and housing issues, mental health barriers and garnering the support from our governing bodies to address these problems which needs all the gusto that can be mustered from each cities LGBTQ community and beyond.  Let us not forget that many of those affected by these human delimmas are not standing on the sidelines of the nearest parade, but often suffer in the shadows of the rainbow. As we prepare for this yearly outing, consider putting some time, money and energy into numerous worthy groups such as Living Affected Corp, CAR, Arkansas HIV/AIDS Community Advocates, ARCPG or Stonewall Democrats. There can be lots of pride in helping these groups continue to fight for us all.  

Dating on Demand

Most of you have forgotten as I had also, that the Dating on Demand crew visited Sidetrack back in March. They were there to get participants to create "Dating on Demand" video profiles from selected questions from an off camera hostess. Actually, I had never heard of the service neither did I know that it was a part of my Comcast package. But a e-blast was circulated to patrons, I curiously attended  to see who would participate, unknowing that I would be goated into making up the shortfall when others didn't step to the plate. It was a hoot and a hollar to say the least, especially after a few libations and some sassy questions to answer off the cuff. The profiles will be available until July under the On Demand button of your clicker, then go to the "Get Local" button, and you will find Dating on Demand icon. Once you click it, you will see the menu which will take you to the videos.  As for myself being thrusted into this spotlight by another participant (Chris), It seems that I was channeling non other than Vouge magazine's Andre Leon Talley with all the loftiness of his essence or was it just one brewsky over the line. The DOD stats state that my profile has reaped at least 44 views by others who are probably wondering, "what in the world was he thinking?" Seeing the Chris profile is worth the trip and it's a must see in my book.  No matter, it was another fun and "out of the box" event offered by the management of Sidetracks. If you don't have a Comcast package and some of you have told me that you don't, then you can get a glimpse of this mash-up at www.datingondemand.com   Look under the profiles section in the task bar marked "find singles." If we can get permission, we may be able to post some of the profiles here. Just for the record, please be advise that this site also offers fee based services which we are not endorsing or soliciting.  

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