Wednesday, May 11, 2011

May Mid-Week

With our recent return to the boards, its apparent that there has been much going on and lots of stuff that has taken place that I missed out on. Just reviewing some of the past news stories, clippings, robo net searches and such, caused me to almost swoon at the fact that I didn't get a chance to get me two cents in on the discussion. But not matter, as far as I'm concern, everything that's old comes around "new" again and I'll be waiting with baited breathe. Until that time, let's go inside today's posting.

Killing All the Right People

Global politics often doesn't resonated locally and by golly it should. Especially since there are some interesting U.S. connections that are tyring to stay in the shadows. Activist from the group, Get Equal in Uganda have been outraged and rightfully so, at a measure that would literally imprison or execute gay and their allies. What do you say?  The bill authored by David Bahati actually had undergone some radical changes due to outcries from everyone from U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Senator Barney Frank and a host of international groups have all but condemned this measure in any form that it exist. Even though the bill seemed to be vanishing from the agenda, it appears that this bill still will be coming before the countries Parliament this week, after being sent to Stephen Tashobya, chair of the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs committee. Current President Museveni has stated that he would "veto" the measure, his track record doesn't mean any certainty as he attempts to bolster his public approval. Where things get murky and according to who is answering, is the fact that Mr. Bahati was reported to be a core member with a connection or no connection to The Family, A "smoke and mirror" entity with a "C" Street addy in Washington D.C. that has raised eyebrow's aplenty.  This outfit made headline news by housing notable residents, newly resigned Senator John Ensign and the "Appalachian Trail" hiker Gov. Mark Sanford who was actually on a global tryst elsewhere. Mr. Bahati in a stunning Rachel Maddow interview (12.2010) asserted that 15 Million dollars had been invested in Uganda to "recruit children into being gay," using videos of "men sleeping with men."  I watched this interview astounded at the ignorance and arrogance of this individual to spew fantasy as some type of fact deeply rooted in homophobia. If you are moved by this post, then you can support gay Ugandans by calling your Senator, House Representative or the White House.  Here's some links:  and  We will update as the story becomes available. Share your thoughts with us in our comment section.

BWMT Fall Regional Meets in Little Rock

The Midland Regional of the National Association of Black and White Men Together, Inc has selected Little Rock for its fall 2011 meeting, October 14-16. The downtown La Quinta Inn & Suites will serve as the host hotel and area organizers will utilize local venues for meetings and additional programming. The event will began with a Friday, "Welcome To Little Rock Mixer," Saturday AM, business meeting and additional programming, also scheduled will be tours of local museums and landmarks. On Saturday evening a banquet, after dark pub crawl and Sunday Brunch are the details that have been released at this time. Additional updates will be posted in this forum and on other digital platforms. Our hotel value priced reservations of $76.50 are available at 1.800.531.5900 using the code: NABWMT.  Additional volunteers and sponsors are encourage to contact  Established in1980, The National Association of Black and White Men, Inc is a gay multi-racial, multi-cultural organization for all people seeking to engage in educational, political, cultural, and social activities as means of dealing racism, sexism, homophobia, HIV/AIDS and other inequities in our communities and in our lives.


Of course, this city has had it share of comings and goings on the bar scene, I can almost name them all, but then I would be definately showing my age. Yet, among those that are still surviving, I'm perplexed that when I visit, that I seem to see the same old faces. I fully understand that I'm probably in these establishments more than most, for various reasons mind you, but no matter when I do step through the doors, viola, its the same tea cup of folks and I do mean "TEA CUP".  O.K. What's up with this?  Exactly where have all the patrons gone and why? Yes, I'm aware of those late night haunts such as the newly re-dressed, Trinity, where I've found not familiar faces but overtly younger faces that are in search of being some body with zero sum conversation for myself. Then the other flip of the coin, Discovery (Saturday only) which has a complex mash-up of folks who appear to be there for sake of being their because they thought other folks would be their because they had no where else to go. Meanwhile at SWAY, I'm not sure who is suppose to be at this temple, since each time I stroll through nothing seems to be underway until "later."  Alright, later it is. But, to great fanfare this haunt as well as the ill-fated STAR Bar opened with gyrating staff behind the bar and great promise of live music, ongoing special events and VIP treatments only to be downgraded to a single person serving a blessed few on the now Friday and Saturday only schedule. Meanwhile, we have the 7th street step sisters, 610, Pulse and Off Center, as alternatives but as I predicted prior to their opening even these outlets seem to be in search of audiences. Recently a performer quipped to me that he made a whole "$4" for his evening performance from the six to eight folks in attendance. Really?  No one is immune including, Sidetracks which percolates with event crowds eventually giving way to a core group that populates the bar on weeknights. We all know the economy may be at play, but can we honestly say that there's nothing going on and not support these businesses that are open for our access. Let's think about it...

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