Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Treking the Rainbow

With Black Friday just days and hours away, COP 24/7 is making haste to pre-post as many of its offerings in order to enjoy the holiday week. Not to mention the madness of folks loosing their minds over the latest gadget, gizmo, or that $198 flat screen TV that you simply must have at any cost. In the meantime, we will roll out the latest stuff to fall in the e-box and beyond.....

The Set Up: A Memoir of Living on the Edge

If you are not going to be about the city this week seeking side dishes for your turkey dinner or more items that you might or might not really need, then you might take a detour to discover the memoir, The Set Up by Carl Jackson. Published earlier this year as a project of The Living Affected Corporation publishing division, the book gives a first person account of his downward spiral into the complexities of mental health, HIV/AIDS and other social determinants that assisted in creating his nightmarish scenario which continues to this day. According to the back cover of the book, his testimony is divinely inspired chronicling his dealing with his sexuality, religious rejections, and racial discrimination and the stigma associated with all of them. Mr. Jackson penned the story with the intentions of inspiring and empowering readers to re-live his life experiences with him. Jackson was cited in a 2008 Arkansas Democrat four part series entitled "The Long Way Home," in which his struggles and circumstances raised awareness while garnering a 2009 Mental Health America Media Award for Excellence in Journalism for the news organization. Jackson was apart of the 2nd place runner up category for the national 2011 campaign, Fight HIV Your Way sponsored by Reyataz. Currently and unfortunately Mr. Jackson has experienced a regrettable set back in his recovery but vows to continue to pursue regimens that will allow him to reinvent and reinvigorate his life. Copies of this exciting and riveting book can be accessed through The Living Affected portal at: www.livingaffected.org  Check it out and make it a stocking stuffer for that special some one while supporting a local community based organization. A secured Pay Pal access point is available for your transaction. The book is also available at local book store, Pyramid Gallery. Support your local small businesses this November 26!

Ladies and Gentlemen: Mr. DSRA Nathan James

After winning the title of Mr. Diamond State Rodeo Association in September, he has taken the stance that he wanted to be a "different" type of winner.  And he's gone about it in just that way. "I want to be seen and be apart of this community. All of this community, said James. " I don't want to just represent the country and western community but make every effort to outreach to all areas that I can."  COP 24/7 can vouch for that James has been out and about attending numerous events, shows and making his presence known in ventures far and wide. James addressed attendees in October during the Midland Weekend of The National Association of Black and White Men Together, ( www.nabwmt.org ) as well as encouraging local to attend. "I really appreciated being invited and participating. I brought friends and wanted to meet and greet these visitors to our city. I felt welcomed and hoped that my appearance added to the success of the event." James also has performed with his counterparts at Triniti and plans to travel the state as the royalty troupe begins to prepare for their bi-annual event in 2013. James spearheaded a mini-reception at TRAXS last Friday during their monthly C&W evening. "It was something that I wanted to do. I was a bit disappointed at the participation, but I'm not discouraged. I will do what I can to make the best of this reign." COP 24/7 was in the house for the reception and salutes James for making it happen and standing tall in his saddle to outreach to the LGBTQ community and beyond. You can find out more about James and DSRA at: www.dsra.com

COP 24/7 Builds toward the Future

This forum has been putting down since 2004. Can you believe it and we certainly can't. However, as we move into our 9th year of our special brand of news and all things LGBTQ, its inevitable that we spruce things up and find new ways to interact with our readers. As I've learned, there are so many tools, gadgets, wizardry and Apps to work with that it's just overwhelming. I'm trying to determine just where to start even though this forum has actually already been on the forefront of offering some of the best new devices. COP 24/7 was among the first to produce podcast and feature them on this site. It was an experiment that also promoted local venues, activities and Pride events which were circulated to our database and posted otherwise. Video's have also been apart of our mix of interactivity with our readership and we hope to scale up this element with original content provided by this forum and possible uploads from contributors.  Our graphics, colors and overall look will be adjusted and tweaked to offer a more engaging site plus offer more eye appeal. More links within our posted content will compliment the newly updated links to other external sites that have already been added thus allowing those seeking additional information to access those platforms. Can I believe that all this effort, sweat equity and determination has gone into producing this forum. At the beginning, it was just a mere exercise to kick around that has found it way onto the computers screens from Thailand to Texarkana. After more than 100,000 words and counting COP 24/7 has positioned itself as a main source of news, opinion, links, updates, breaking news and so much more. Yet as we take that lead, your support both moral and monetary is still vital to our existence and will facilitate our growth pathways. As I surge toward horizons unknown, it has been a unique experience so far and I certainly hope that each of you will join me, follow me and subscribe to our bright future. COP 24/7 is ready to be of service to this community and with your synergy will take this forum to the next level and beyond. Can we count on you today?  Share your thoughts with us in our comment section.

"Getting to Zero"

Backed by the United Nations the "Getting to Zero" campaigns runs until 2015 and builds on last year's successful World AIDS Day "Light for Rights" initiative encompassing a range of vital issues identified by key affected populations. The campaign is focusing on the following:

Zero AIDS related Deaths
Zero New HIV Infections
Zero to Stigma and Discrimination

Don't forget that broken promises kill. Demand actions to Get to Zero!

FREE Rapid Testing available November 25, 2011  Noon to 4 pm at INS and OUTS, 6115 West Markham Suite 102 Little Rock, Arkansas ( accorss the street from Park Plaza Mall, lower level of Plaza Tower Apartments/ East Side)

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