Thursday, November 03, 2011


With so much "Occupying" going on, it was time for COP 24/7 to step to the plate with our take on this movement and what we think this mash up is all about. Therefore, we are now "occupying" this blog in solidarity with all those marchers, activist, advocates, allies and anybody else. So let's go with it...
The Movement Occupied with Issues
It all began some 2 months ago with a groundswell of individuals decided that they would take their frustrations and down right anger too that other NYC "ground zero" Wall Street. At first what appeared as an isolated New York State of mindset trip, has now become a concentrated "people wave" across the landscape. The Occupy Movement can be described as a Nebula of unknown origins bound in almost unknown destination. Politico's have all but dismissed those involved as "vagabonds, degenerates, outcast and bums." However, unbeknown to these out of touch folks in the Washington Beltway, what lies at the core of this public discourse is a restless electorate who share the same outrage seen in the movie Network, "they are mad as hell and they're not going to take it any more." And I can't agree more. Although this movement embodies a kaleidoscope of individuals and interest, but the over arching message that should be captured is the fact that the system has allowed for 1 percent of the populous to harness much of the wealth while the rest are allowed to bear the burden of much of the corporate greed, tax loopholes, fraud and faulty operational practices that almost brought our economic system to its knees. Meanwhile, the accountability and prosecution of those who "golden parachuted" themselves into mansions without regrets, have continued to profit despite their unchecked dastardly deeds. The average person has reached the tipping point of distrust, disgruntled and distressed that the American Dream has been stripped bear and literally gutted by the actions of "the smartest guys in the room"type. The incense nature of those of the Occupy movement is fueled by rising cost and stagnant wages as labor organizations endure an all out assault on collective bargaining. Plus high power lobbyist armed with fist fulls of dollars to influence policy makers and power brokers to continue with legislature that directly assist major corporations and other business shot callers with manipulating the system to offer them more profits. The term "class warfare" has been tossed into the mix as those in the fat cat camp message out that those who are demanding reforms are trying to soak the rich. But actually what's needed is a fair playing field, the rule of law, regulations to deride tomfoolery instigated by Wall Street, banks and the mortgage sector who aided and abetted a stunning debacle now causing neighborhoods to become ghost towns. These are only a few of the laundry list of items that fills the bucket of anger of the Occupy movement. With each passing day, the list keeps getting adds and the numbers of those involve continue to swell. I've said it before and now it seems that "pitch forks and torches" are coming home to roost. We'll keep you posted....  For more info contact:  (picture credited to the OCLR website)  


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