Tuesday, November 29, 2011

On Point with Curves Ahead

We told on on Monday that COP 24/7 was going to bust a move on our exit from November through the holiday season into 2012. No time to waste, so let's bring it...

Spinning the Bureaucracy Big Wheel

Its been a minute since we last waded back into the deep end of the pool to check up on the latest goings on among advocates and activist dealing with HIV/AIDS issues. With World AIDS Day on the horizon this Thursday, it appears that there's still more questions unanswered, unclear directions and more veribage that makes one want to holla. So what's up with all this you ask? Well that's exactly what we've been trying to decipher over the last past year. Do you guys have meetings? You betcha, but for the life of me it seems that despite these efforts for some reason progress is marginal to say the least. Case in point, in at least two meetings that I've been apart of their was talk of a community needs assessment that was being sought. To myself I thought, I know that such matters are necessary but surely of all the "needs assessments" that may have been or should have been done isn't there a model that could be modified to meet current "needs" and further altered for the future usage. You would think that we would have some sense of what this community needs by now. Especially since some of the same issues such as transportation, housing, dental care and employment have never quite been solved. Thumping my head I kept wondeing, why in the heck is such a instrument not readily available to get on with the getting on to make sure that we don't default out of about $2.8 Million in federal funding. If that wasn't frustrating enough then during yet another meeting I was again stupified and stumped to the disucssions of discovering effective messaging to targeted communities. So exactly are we talking about here? Just so you know, there is a UFO being launched as a ADH media campaign centered around HIV and other public health concerns. Unfortunately as much as we would like to tell you more, there's not much more to tell except that it's not a cheap. Its estimated that this little ditty will cost around $150,000 smackers funneled from a grant. What we do know is that there's been a focus group. Who, What and how were the results analyzed is a looming mystery and haven't been released. What's the campaign theme? Who knows. How will it be deployed? Unknown. Timeline? Forget about it. Hey did anybody take a gander at the CDC's Testing Makes Us Stronger campaign.(www.actagainstaids.org ) Probably not. The Feds spent a bundle of about $45 Million to develop the entire 5 year campaign and its anybody's for the tasking. Including "tailored" messages for health departments. Just saying. Meanwhile why we are waiting on that effort we do know that another campaign featuring billboards were slated to appear around town concerning HIV. This groups endeavor entitled: Uniting to Prevent HIV/AIDS and Uniting to Link U to Care Billboard Campaign started November 21, 2011. Most of the billboards in central and southeast Arkansas will be posted through January 15, 2011 and the northwest billboards will be posted until December 18, 2011 A total of 10 billboards were purchased for $7,900 and 10 mini-boards for $250.00. The following organizations/individuals contributed ARcare, Arkansas Minority Health Commission and the Arkansas Department of Career Education. And there you have it for the moment. Until next time when we spin the wheel...stay tuned.

Being CHAZ rolls out on OWN

Its been a hell of a year for none other than Chaz Bono, formerly "chasity" Bono daughter of the famed duo, Sonny and Cher. His story and struggle to become whole and at peace with himself has been explored quite a bit this year. Of course ramping up more interest was also his DWTS turn that got somewhat ugly when viewers went left with negative expressions concerning his "trans" presence on the show. Mama Cher wasn't having none of if and came to his defense calling for him to be accepted as he was. Unfortunately he was eliminated but nonetheless gave it his all. He's released his book Transitions last year, did Oprah's last season, chit chatted with Rosie O Donnell on another hyped special and brought more his journey to OWN.(Oprah Winfrey Network) last Sunday night. In case you missed it, Mr.Bono takes it to the next level by asking his long time girl friend to marry him. Here's a video snapshot courtesy of the Huff Post:
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