Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Rainbow Radar in Full Effect

COP 24/7 Special
Hillary Clinton Speak of "Creating an AIDS Free Generation

US Secretary of State Hillary R. Clinton today addressed stakeholders and researchers at the National Institute of Health on her vision of "creating an AIDS free generation." Although her speech speaks from a global perspective, the message is vital in all aspects of denoting three decades of advances that have offered distinct prevention combinations including using "treatment as prevention," repealing laws which criminalized, ending stigma and continued research in the drug arena. Clinton also noted that the Obama administration has selected TV talk show personality Ellen DeGeneres to serve as a sspecial U.S. AIDS Envoy to raise global awareness about the pandemic. According to Clinton the administration decided that DeGeneres' "sharp wit and big heart, as well as impressive TV audience and 8 million followers on Twitter." Now I'm not sure about that one and I'll have to mull this choice over and get back to you. However on a side note, COP 24/7 was alerted to this address from a circulated e-mail to community activist and advocates which arrived one hour prior to the address stating that the speech could be viewed in auditorium of the local health department. Really? How could anyone plan to attend this session with such an inadequate notice but even more stupefying is the fact that this video was readily available from the U.S. State Department portal to which the e-mail unfortunately failed to mention for reasons unknown. Of course this would have been a barrier for those who are not fortunate to have high speed Internet or any Internet for that  matter if they wanted to view the speech. Again I'm always amazed at those "specialist or experts" whom I encounter on a daily basis that suppose to know so much more than I. It was our hope to embed the actual speech but in several attempts the "tech devils" have caused us angst.We even tried to send the video from the SOS webportal so that it would embed itself, but no cigar. Now, I'm not sure who's zooming who here. Is the blogger in error, systems failure, non supported script or what the hell. Usually this forum has no problems with tech of this nature, yet for some reason it's not happening today. Anyway, if you want to see the speech you can go to http://video.state.gov

Vounteers Needed for WAD 2011

If you are interested in volunteering for World Activities Day 2011 activities you can do so by contacting the following:
Questions or Schedule Change contact Tina Eoff at teoff@clintonfoundation.org or 501.748.0419

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