Wednesday, November 09, 2011

The We Can't Wait Edition

The Obama Administration has heralded a new rallying cry of "We Can't Wait" in response to Congress being mired in the political muck of partisan politics. He's cruised the landscape using his bully pulpit to denounced this "nothingness" that he's been handed as he's attempted to govern the damn country. In the meantime Mr. O has decided to throw some "Executive Orders" around to thwart this constipated body whom seems hell bent on standing firm in their notions instead of doing what's right for the country. Gee Whiz could they just stop the foolishness and get on with it! As we wait them out, there's other matters that deserve a "We can't wait" shout out. Here are just a few....

It came and went, The first ever National Emergency Action Notification broadcast came in on time and sounded oh so familiar. The FCC announced Nov. 4 that the duration of the test was being shortened from three minutes to 30 seconds, presumably to reduce public disruption. But Emergency insiders say that this move may not allow time to determine if the "test" will even work. It seems that and I can't believe it, that this was the first time that such an effort has happen in this manner. Supposedly, "if this had been an emergency, the POTUS would be able to immediately address the nation from any locale of his choosing. Wow! So what took so long to come up with this idea, when it certainly could have come in handy say oh, "9-11" when the country went left to the terrorist response. But if we don't if it really works then why bother?  Amazingly as this test takes place, North Little Rock's citizen's didn't pass a tax measure that would have included upgrading their emergency system from analog to the latest digital gizmos. Say What? Obviously those north shore folks felt that their current "walkie-talkie" system as described by 911 Deputy Director Gary Gray was sufficient, despite the fact that since Little Rock has decided to upgrade their could come a time when NLR couldn't coordinate not to mention communicate with other jurisdictions. Also included in that tax rejection was funding for additional po-po's and essential fire personnel.  

Foot in Mouth Disease Strikes Again

The omnipresent "foot in mouth" disease just keeps popping up along with that "mea culpa" side effect to which some people just can't get away from. This time out is Brett Ratner director of the recently released movie Tower Heist and chosen 2012 Oscar producer who quipped "rehearsing is for fags," when questioned about the film shoot. Stop the presses, because he done done now! For the life of me I can't understand how these people haven't learned that shooting off you mouth with anti-anything is going to set off a firestorm of controversy. Did he not hear about Tracy Morgan or any number of other notables who have had to "eat some crow" and say how stupid they were in the meantime. As usual Ratner stated in an open letter that he would "like to apologize publicly and unreservedly." He continued, " I've gotten a well deserved earful from many of the people I admire most in this industry expressing their outrage and disappointment over the hurtful and stupid things I said in a number of recent media appearances." Enough said as far as we are concerned at it's core this is another "we can't wait" till folks realize that words can and often do wound sometimes. Breaking News: Since Ratner is out, so goes Eddie Murphy was being tapped as next years host. Not sure what this means if anything. I guess he decided that maybe he didn't want to be bother with the whole thing...Stay tuned.

COP 24/7 Corrections:
When we're wrong, we don't hesitate to say so. Last week this forum in its "Cube" series cited Better Community Developers as a receivers of a ADH grant. This wasn't correct, actually the organization in question should have been Future Builders, Inc.. Furthermore, we have learned that these "grants" were not actual grants but activity sponsorships supported by ADH. We stand corrected.  

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