Monday, April 16, 2012

Awakeing the Beast

The return of fresh content from COP 24/7 rolls on into the 2nd quarter of the year seeking to discover, on cover, and spotlight "what's really going on" and then some. As the week went by, there were so many items, situations and circumstances that were extremely "ripe" for this forum. At some point during the week I will play catch up on that breaking news and ramp up COP 24/7 to go for the gusto otherwise. So without further delay, let's go for it....

COP 24/7: On the Road Again

In my absence, I've not totally been offline Of course how would one live if you didn't get a "online"fix at least once day. So as technology would have it and the pocketbook can spare it, those nifty tablets have become my new obsession and best friend. These little wonder gadgets fit so neatly in a brief case, tote or whatever purse you happen to be carrying.  As you know, I'm road warrior and have learned to move about the country with less. Therefore my Samsung Galaxy tablet has proven to be the best thing since slice bread for laptop carrying folks like myself. The sleekness and portability are super, but the power and capabilities have proven to be an excellent choice for myself. I've been able to leap frog into the computer age with Apps such as the "voice" search App which I can just ask the machine for what I need and it "retrieves" it for me. Just think I couldn't get my own beloved dog to get me anything but looks of "who me?" In the meantime there's the navigation system that I used recently on a road trip to Tulsa, Oklahoma and of course the quick video cam, calender and the Intuit program that has allowed me to be a walking credit card port. If you haven't seen one these and I'm sure that you have, they are the next step in keeping all of us connected in some manner. And yes, this forum is tablet enable and looks rather sweet when I've viewed it. Actually you get a condense page view with the ability to go to other pages by arrows. So if you are on the road, COP 24/7 is available here, there, and damn near everywhere. Come follow us, bookmark, opt-in e-mail or at least check in to find out who or what we're talking about next.

Arkansas Pageantry Step's UP

The Arkansas Alumni Committee is excited to announce our new venue for the 2012 Miss Gay Arkansas America Pageant. Being held Saturday, August 18, at the Argenta Community Theater in North Little Rock. Since its inception, the 40 years of excellence in the art of female impersonation in this area has been at the forefront of the circuit. Commencing with the coordination of Norma Kristie in 1972, whom later acquired the pageant and nurtured it into a system that has introduced and developed a roster of talented national performers and international illusionist. L & T the present owners have continued in that tradition while adding their own creative zeal to the brand. Including working to forge the title holder as an "Lead Administrator" of the various preliminaries he attends.  Currently Zia D'Yor serves as Miss Gay Arkansas America and has extensively traveled across Arkansas and the nation as the reigning symbol of excellence. After a series of preliminaries, the pageant will feature former titleholders and Kirby Kolby, MIss Gay America 2012. Check the MGA website for more information. The Miss Gay America 2013 pageant will be held October 10-14, 2012 in Columbus, Ohio.

Partying with A Purpose

I'm always about paryting with a purpose and the good folks in Dallas do it best like all the rest. We here in Little Rock will do our best to give it our visitors next July 2013 as the The National Association of Black and White Men Together Inc. annual convention rolls into the Rock! Currently plans are already underway to for this city to showcase our abilities to do things just as well as any of the "big girl" cities. For details on the conference contact or Get ready for our digital ramp up of Little Rock's step off in celebrating diversity and more. In the meantime, check out the Purple Party flier and let us know what you think.

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