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The Best of COP 24/7 Continues

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

COP:24/7 Goes Slip Stream Mode

100 Days. It's been 100 days of Obama and in true electorate fashion the choir is calling for an assessment of his work thus far, with a keen eye on the rest of the 1360 days 44 has to govern this behemoth known as the United States of America. The stakes couldn't have been higher for the first African American President. Has it really been 100 days since the pomp and circumstances that emerged from last November's triumphant rise to leader of the free world. You betcha. Since that January day, he's bounced around the globe at break neck pace, gathered his cabinet professionals and addressed the American people on network TV and any outlet with a screen, speaker or platform. And yes, he will be in front of the cameras this evening for his 3rd press conference. I'm of the opinion that judging Obama is really not needed at this time. This tradition from the Roosevelt era certainly serves those talking heads who need more to mull over, but actually the first 100 days of any presidency can't soundly determine the overall result of the administration. After all during his first week in the White House, he stated numerous times that all that's been done thus far for the big picture will take a period of time to be effective. I interpreted that to be beyond his first 100 days and he has much as alluded that even beyond his one or two terms. As if the world wasn't already in knots, now a possible severe H1N1 Flu outbreak will add to Mr. O's plate of problems. If I were to score the job thus far, I'd say "B-." He's issued directives on handling the financial melt down, asked for tax relief ( I got my $12.00!), there will be stipends for SSI, SSA and Seniors coming shortly, those credit card pirates have been called on the carpet and he's reverberated positive vibes globally. furthermore he's made decisive decisions on GitMo, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, torture memos, with eyes on America's health care debacle. Despite all these moves the President is still grappling with the many special interest groups that are attempting to call in markers on their causes. I said it before the election and I'm saying it again, being Commander in Chief is a tough road to hoe. Mr. Obama, I think you are off to a good start, let's just keep it slow and steady wrapped in the "no drama/Obama" bubble.

Radio Rainbow in Turmoil: This forum shared with readers the impending project, Under the Rainbow, radio show to be produced on local community outlet KABF. I attended the initial meeting and was on board with the effort after being informed by originator H. Hughes. However to my chagrin and dismay, I was informed by Hughes (4.29.08) that the program was "dead." Oh Really I thought and what's up with this? His e-blasts detailed that the program has been allegedly hijacked and re-designed internally by one Ari Chagoya, station Public Affairs coordinator.(pictured,left) It appears that the promised training, offers of support and access is now being denied. At that first meeting I attended, Ms. C. was ever so glowing about the prospects of the show, it's "dangerous" yet positive demonstration of the SGL community telling our stories and the stations total commitment to the idea. There was broad discussion during that two hour meeting and it was decided that a well rounded format would be developed as a proposed Sunday night time slot was already being prepared. So who is this person and why does that name ring familiar? I'll tell you, thank you. It's the one and the same individual who seems to be "ground zero" of the failure of this year's Pride festival that was slated for the River market. To date there has been no response from Ms. C. from my request concerning that mash up and I'm in hot pursuit of any explanation for this latest pirate coup. Furthermore it appears that Ms. C. has been quite busy around town with cultural meeting conversations. I've discovered that she will offering her Black Thinking and Liberation Class (5.7.09) at Hoover Methodists where she will be teaching "a class designed to give us a safe place for us to think, feel and explore and heal the hurt of oppression. We will explore what healing looks like from many black spiritual perspectives." Do tell. Then there's a "LGBT Thinking and Healing class for"...people who want to heal the hurt of LGBT oppression from a radical feminist spiritual viewpoint..." You don't say. And finally coming this August, the 8 week Jump Start Movement sessions for Latina's and Blacks respectively. Whew, talk about multi-tasking community organizer in overdrive. Just where does she find the time for all of this to be actually effective with any concrete results certainly makes me skeptical. Ultimately, what time was left to put together a Pride festival? In the meantime, it's not all about me. I'm asking you dear readers to at least start asking some questions of your own. Many of you have expressed to me that you admire my position to say what many of you simply will not, but the questions should be amplified with many concerned voices. I realize that some may believe that their expressions may not garner much change, nevertheless, nothing can be achieved with "eye's open wide and mouth's shut." So, I'm challenging all of you to step to the plate, today! Feel free to share your thoughts with us or among yourselves... or inquire about any and all of this at El Movimiento (501)920-1531 or (KABF) 3726119. E:mail arichagoya@gmail.com
UPDATE: The proposed "Under the Rainbow" show wasn't produced as originally intended, however there were some underwhelming attempts at "podcasts" featuring some of the format. Despite early meetings and alleged support from the KABF Board of Directors, the program was slated to air on Sunday's as a "infotainment" production segmented with local reports from community reporters. During her presence in the city, Chagoya was also at the center of controversy involving the failed production of a Gay Pride Festival. Disputes, dysfunction and internal wrangling resulted in the group's entire board resigning in protest and the entity shuttered .Ultimately, Ms. Chagoya did a disappearing act to a neighboring state, as much of her credibility and intentions became suspect within the LGBTQ community and beyond.

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