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More of The Best of COP 24/7

What can I say. The archives of CorneliusOnPoint are just jammed packed with so many topics, issues, comments, observations, opinion, rants, podcast, video's and so much more that its been an ordeal to figure out what will make the "rerun" cut. I know that many of you are probably wondering, what's up with this re-presented content? Its all about going down our digital memory lane to share with our new legions of readers about what was really going on then and how much of it still resonates to what's happening today. I hope that you've been enjoying our reflection and look forward to our return fresh content next week!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Talking Out Loud Rewind...& More

If you've been listening to the news lately, it's stark, bleak at times and down right scary often. Yet, I'm a firm believer that in that despite the darkness that befalls us, there will be another beautiful day on the upswing. Certainly during this holiday season, depression and strained nerves abound, but discovering your inner strength, supportive networks and embracing a life must go on attitude can keep you motivated to a positive place. Keep you head to the sky people and stay in the loop with COP:24/7!

Easy Street/ Easy Over: The last tuned played for Easy Street a few months ago and I have posted various scenarios possibly fueling it's demise, eventually resulting in it's subsequent ceasing of operations. Even though 2009 waits in the wings for it's entrance, economic uncertainty all around, and folks wondering what's really going on, there will be a fresh influx of "rainbow dollars" bringing life back to the 7th street area after ongoing renovations. The new incarnation as I've learned will be christened, "Off Center," slated to open January 14, 2009. It's scheduled to have a live entertainment format of some sort, coordinated by Buddy Habig, former main pianist for ES and Emcee Cody Belew will be in the house to keep things moving on weekends. Adding to the mix is also a proposed "martini" concept being mashed up around the corner in the former Lam Garden spot, which will be called "610 Center," which will step off on the same date. This info is the latest update that I received and of course anything can happen between now and that allegedly opening. With that said, now let's take a moment to try to understand these maneuvers, if we can. I've been to the Backstreet complex on several occasions and the house had an echo effect as I walked to the various outlets. Although probably vibrant on some evenings, I sensed that the multi club's patronage was often waning. Despite special events such as pageants and such, crowds seemed to have defected to other sources of entertainment. Down the lane at Discovery which has evolved, morphed or whatever you want to call it, into a everything goes entity. The party continues despite some perplexing perceptions from locals and visitors alike. Actually in the big picture, Discovery is mirroring the national trend in bars from coast to coast. All over the country, exclusively "gay" bars are either closing or upending their formats in droves for a variety of reasons. I've read in numerous trade magazines that some gay bar owners have even made public statements that they are not seeking to be known as such or expanding that "mindset," with marketing terms like "alternative or gender neutral." The central Arkansas market is not exempt from a bit of contempt from both present and former owners whom have expressed that the uneven ebbing and flowing of the local SGL community drastically affects not only their bottom line, but how they will continue to offer the nightlife experience. As the pendulum swings, gay bars are dealing with many elements that will ultimately impact their very existence. Ranging from serious economic issues, lackluster attendance from customers who have opted out for other choices and the advent of the Internet which continues to change how society interacts. The cachet of being among your own kind and a possible "hook up" has undoubtedly changed with the times. Remember I've mentioned those "KKF's"( knock, knock fucks) spurred by the convenience of technology which has streamed much of the activity once found in "bars" right to your doorstep. It's very apparent that the GLBTQ community has decided that the enclave spirit has seemingly lost it's glitter or afterglow. The mantra that I keep hearing is "the Bars have nothing to offer..." Meanwhile the venerable Disco has become a place where everybody is still being somebody, nobody or anybody out for a night of merry making. I suspect that the steady door traffic is in part due to that late night closing that's not too plentiful around town. Little Rock has had it's share of bars that have come and gone. How can we forget those outlets of yesteryear such as the Gar Hole, Drummers, French Quarter, Palladium, Garbo's, Variations, Lil's Pub, Chaps, After dark, Sgt. Preston's, Fifth Gear, Filling Station, Code Blue, Our House, Maggie Mae's and The Factory. Furthermore it's so ironic that one of my favorites of all times, was the free wheeling Little Rock Inn. I spent many hours in that trio of bars that featured wonderful pool side afternoons, (yes my pretties boys in speedo's) out of town caravans, chartered Christmas Light Tour's and quirky unabashed camaraderie that has all but evaporated. Those of you who missed out on that fun, truly missed the last era when we actually did things together with enjoyment minus the attitudes. It's specialness also resulted in me meeting my long time companion of 15 years who also shares fond memories of that venue. Even though it was not a fancy high tech mash up, bartenders included Sidetracks' Co-Owner, Phillip P. who help set the tone for the place to be a club house for all. Unfortunately that often overlooked and under rated destination is now a parking lot across the street from the next set of night spots on a continuing mission to fill a niche for the SGL community and beyond. It seems that we are coming full circle as the lavender nightlife returns to the core of the city. I'm melancholy about the past but certainly look forward to another future breathe of fresh air. I've seen much come and go, often with a been there done that attitude however, I actually had many favorites over the years, most notably Maggie Mae's which opened a whole new chapter in my life which caused me both pleasure and pain but made a stronger person for it all. In closing, look for me, because I'll be around waiting for you! Got thoughts, recollections, stories, favorites, oversights, let's hear it!
UPDATE: Since this posting the 7th Street Corridor has undergone yet another face lift in 2012. What was Off Center and Pulse respectively closed November 2011 and was revived in December 2011 as Miss Kitty's Saloon's. The aforementioned 610 Center is now being called "The New 610" which has stepped away from the upscale martini concept toward a more basic neighborhood bar development. The two ventures are now apart of the TraxX ( formerly Sidetracks) trio of local venues. What was known as "Backstreet" is now Club Trinity featuring the twink crowd on Friday's and impersonation entertainment, pageants and other assorted events on Saturday's. Currently Discovery continues to follow its "everything goes" format with guest D.J's, featured guest and late night entertainment. Each outlet continues to be managed by NK Inc. 

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